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Mobile Technology Is Revolutionising Customer Service

20th May 2016
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By the end of 2016, it is predicted that more people than ever will be using their mobile devices to browse the internet, far surpassing the number of people who use the internet from their computers. As such, mobility is becoming a major concern for brands, as more and more customers want to engage with them using mobile technology.

Mobile technology is digitising customer serviceand revolutionising the way brands engage with consumers. There is a wide range of ways that mobile technology benefits both brands and their customers.

Immediate Engagement WithCustomers
Mobile devices have made consumers impatient. When we want answers to our questions, we want them right away. There is no longer time for contacting customer support centres on waiting on hold.

To meet the demand for immediate service, many brands are introducing real-time tools that allow us to get in touch with them instantly if we ever have a question or query. It has become common practice for companies to answer customer service enquires using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Some even have their own Twitter accounts that are dedicated solely to addressing customer complaints.

As such, it is now common practice for customers to take their complaints to social media platforms before making a phone call or sending an email to the company that they wish to contact. Twitter and Facebook are public forums, so immediate action is required from brands when dealing with complaints. So, many users find that contacting brands via social media is a more effective way to have their issues dealt with in a timely manner. Even if you have the helpdesk software, an active Twitter account makes for a great customer service tool.

Rewarding Brand Loyalty
Mobile technology has also enhanced the way brands manage theircustomer relationships. Mobile reward apps allow brands to promote in-store offers and reward customers for visiting them often. This is becoming key in any brand’s success, as it is important for companies to establish strong relationships with customers. This is a more proactive approach to customer service, and helps to build brand loyalty.

Mobile Self Service Tools
Many brands offer users a wide variety of self-service tools to not only deal with their own customer service issues. Mobile technology makes this easier than ever, as users can do so from virtually anywhere. Mobile-optimised FAQs allow customers to troubleshoot their issues quickly and efficiently without having to make a phone call to a customer support centre or wait for a solution via email.

Self-service tools also cut out the middle-man when carrying out everyday tasks. Users can use online banking services rather than visiting a bank teller or download a flight planner app rather than calling an airline or travel agency. These types of tools provide consumers with the ability to take various services into their own hands. Brands that offer customers these tools experience more brand loyalty, as they put the customer experience first.

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