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Quick Guide to Market Customers Analysis

19th Jun 2016
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What do is needed before starting a business?

Before you start anew business, you may want to consider market customer analysis which is very essential. This should be a central part of your business plan. Successful businesses always have high knowledge of their customers as well as their competitors. Market analysis involves gathering information that makes you more knowledgeableabout how your customers/clients will react to your current or potential product and services.

Quick Guide to Market Customers Analysis

Outline Clear Goals

First, it is very significant to outline clear goals for the targeted market customer analysis activity that will be undertaken. You must ensure you have defined what you need to know and identify the reasons for undertaking the analysis.

Identifying the Customer

The next step is identifying the customer. You should identify who the target customer is. Is the customer having perfect communication and listening skills? Do I require professionalism when dealing with a particular client? Although this may seem obvious, inorder for a perfect market customer analysis to be effective, the right customer must be targeted and therefore you should know the exact type of customer that the business is serving. Know your customers skills which highly contribute in developing proper understanding and clear communication.

Identifying Further Improvement Opportunities

Further opportunities for improvement are identified through formal sources and informal sources. In official sources, the idea may come from the new discovery of important commodity sources, discovering new products and technologies as well as finding results from various studies. For the informal sources, the idea is gained from inspiration from life situations and surroundings.

Define the Needs

Additionally, define the needs. Customers should be analyzed to get a good idea of what the customer needs are. This can be achieved via interviews showing how many customers have the potential to purchase the product or service or consider the past actions of the group for instance the percentage that have bought a product at some time in the past. When conducting interviews you should be ready to deal with angry customers by remaining calm and finding a perfect solution.

Decide who will conduct your Research

Once you have defined the customer’s needs, you should decide who will conduct your research. Will you do all the research on your own, or will you involve a thirdparty research company to conduct the research on your behalf? It may be a combination of both. Doing the research yourself will save you money but it can take longer and be less effective especially if you don’t have enough experience.

Come up with a Strategy you will use in Gathering Data

It is vital to come up with a strategy and select various techniques you will use in gathering data. The two major methods of research used are the primary and secondary research. Primary research is where initial information collected on your own efforts in response to a specific set of questions through surveys, experiments and observations.  A Secondary research analysis record that already exist like business records, books, research studies, surveys and uses the data in answering questions at hand.

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