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Team Speed with Customer Workflows Ratio

12th Jun 2016
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Whenever team are involved in a project, there are moments when no data of any kind is racked which place members in a dilemma of whether this will change in the near future. On the other hand, there are times when statistics collected by a single team are used as a weapon against another which leads to more work effort and unhealthy competition. However, it does not have to always be that way, sharing and tracking useful flexible metrics can lessen confusion and be promising to a team’s progress and setbacks throughout the lifecycle. This is achievable as discussed below.

Is there a need in helping one’s sales team speed with customer workflow’s Ratios?

In an organizational, there exists a customer serve function whose effort and roles reflect on the general organizational output or performance. As a consequence, the organization gets to incur costs to run a customer’s service function hence the need to help one’s sales team speed with customer workflow’s Ratios.

Steps of Customer Workflows Ratio

Understanding one’s Business

First is knowing and understanding one’s business which is primarily about developing the right product, for the right market at the right time while providing it at the right places and at the right quantities to meet demand. Remaining on track throughout the sequence implies collecting data and later analyzing it to track both business and agile metrics. Business metrics emphasizes on whether the explanation is meeting demand while agile metrics measure features of the advancement process.  For every initiative, there should be several KPIs that indicate a program’s goals. These include success criteria that team members should seek for each product requirement for instance adoption rate by end users. The success criteria’s feed into the programs agile metrics and the more teams learn, the better they adopt and evolve.

Team work and Setting Goals

Setting realistic goals and encouraging teamwork’s which helps creating accountability by assigning individuals specific tasks they must accomplish within a set time-frame. In addition to this, goals should be clear, specific and use employee’s talent appropriately. Teamwork implies two heads are better than one for productivity and increasing efficiency. This is achievable through using and applying team building tools and ideas which bring employees closer together for achievement of higher goals. An inspiring work environment is also crucial for increasing the speed of employees with customer workflow ratios. Most employees spend more time in the office than anywhere else, hence the office design should support communication to further enhance teamwork.

Necessary Work Tools and Internal Ticketing Systems

Provision of necessary work tools is another way to increase a team’s speed on customer workflow ratios. High speed internet, latest mobile technology in addition to a desk and an outdated PC would highly improve team productivity. To organize the same workflow’s certain online tools and applications come in handy. Finally is the practice of consistent training and education. Employers should fully comprehend the value of information, and hence organize for in-house training. This assists in bridging the disparity gaps in competencies in addition to equipping employees with better skills that reflect on the organizational output. Another is the provision of the internal ticketing system. This is significant in managing internal issues such as IT issues, admin issues as well as all other employee queries.

Increasing team speed with customer workflows ratio is an important aspect of an organization which management should pay great attention to. This is achievable through knowing and understanding what a business is about, setting realistic goals and teamwork while providing an inspiring work environment. Provision of necessary tools and training and education comes in quite handy.

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