3 Ways Real Experts Translate Passion Into Customer Experience

Larry Alton
Indepedent Business Consultant
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No matter how good your product or service is, it won’t matter if you can’t deliver a great customer experience. Too many companies spend too much time focusing on their product and marketing strategies and not enough on customer service, even though customer service is one of the most important elements of making a profit. Having a passion for your product is great, but it won’t get you very far if you can’t translate that passion into an excellent customer experience.

Luckily, passion is a key component in great customer service if you harness it just right. Good customer service doesn’t come naturally to every business, but passion for a product or service generally does. If you’re interested in watching your customer retention excel, consider these tips from the experts on offering great customer service.

1. Demonstrate an investment in your product

Let your passion for your product or service show. Attention to the smallest of details can make a customer hungry for your product or service without even realizing it. As stated by an article from Housing.com, “Businesses don’t solve problems, a product does…A great product should pilot a business and not the other way around.”

For that reason, much of your customer service efforts should be devoted to making the customer feel like they need the product simply because your representatives believe so much in it. Demonstrating passion and investment in a product or service will allow your product to solve both existing problems for your customers and problems your customers didn’t know they had, and from there, you’ll see even more sales.

2. Treat every interaction like a long-term relationship

Your relationships with your customers shouldn’t be touch and go. Instead of focusing on a single experience, focus on building a strong relationship that will last as long as a real friendship. Richard Shapiro, the founder of The Center for Client Retention, recommends acting like a tour guide when creating customer relationships.

“You become the customers’ guide, a directional source that will help them solve a problem or fulfill their wish that brought them to your business in the first place,” he says. “On the flip side, answer more than the customers question and you offer a valuable resource unique to you that the customer can’t get anywhere else. A conversation can create a customized experience that is distinct and special.” This will put you on the road to greater customer retention and the increased revenue that comes as a result.

3. Place an emphasis on follow-up interactions

Communication is essential to the customer experience. You’ll retain more customers by continuously communicating through email, advertisements, social media, SMS messaging, and even phone calls than if you simply leave a customer alone after an interaction.

Take the time to show your appreciation and follow up after an interaction. If the customer abandons their cart, send an email coupon to invite them back. If a customer places an order, send a thank you email. Phone call surveys are also a great way for you to show customers how much you value their business, and it gives them an opportunity to share valuable feedback with your company.

“Follow-ups demonstrate your determination to build relationships with your customers, and most significant sales are the end result of a relationship,” states this article from AllBusiness.com. “You will still find a lot of disinterested parties, but a few potential buyers will appreciate the extra effort. These can become your best customers.” 

Successful businesses are often only as good as their customer service. By creating an environment that considers the value of the little things, you can set your company up for success.

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