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How Customer Personas Tie Into Customer Engagement

17th Mar 2016
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You probably know by now that you need customer personas to provide good customer service, but what you might be missing is that they’re essential for good customer engagement. If you can understand every facet of your customers, you can inspire positive engagement.

Creating Effective Customer Personas

You won’t get very far with engagement if you don’t have great customer personas. Many businesses choose to download free templates and enter their specific information. This is a great place to start, but you also want to double check the results to make sure you’re getting the most out of your assessment.

A good customer persona is composed of several things, including occupation, median income, geographical location, age, education, goals, roles in society, and typical challenges or problems faced.

There are several ways to obtain this information, including:

  • Assessing data about current customers
  • Personally interviewing your customers
  • Creating surveys and sending them out through email marketing
  • Assessing data about prospective customers
  • Relying on referrals from current customers
  • Analyzing third-party networks to recruit your target audience

These are just a few suggestions companies use today to develop customer personas. Through this information, businesses can determine their target customers and develop more personalized tactics for customer interaction.

Promoting Customer Engagement

Your buyer personas shouldn’t sit untouched after they’ve been created. They can be used to market to those most likely to purchase from your business, and they’re often your best tool for increasing engagement among your existing and prospective customers. Here are a few ways you can use this information for better engagement:

  • Use Relevant and Valuable Content: When writing blog and social media posts, it’s essential that you use content and topics your customers are interested in reading. If you’re an auto parts store, for example, your buyer personas will likely reveal that your customers are car lovers, and you should post content that reflects the latest news in vehicle and engine performance. The same principle applies to any company and their products.
  • Engage in Appropriate Social Media Posts: You’ll likely hit your largest following on social media, which means you need excellent posts to get your point across. Look at the biggest problems your customers are facing and use your posts to offer them a way out. It’s an offer most people have a difficult time refusing.  
  • Be More Personable in Customer Service Experiences: You should know your customers fairly well after creating your customer personas. This means you can bring more personality into your customer service, whether over the phone, chat, or email.
  • Let Your Customers Speak: Continue to collect accurate data by giving your customers an opportunity to share their stories. You might have them fill out a survey regarding how to improve your business or start a social media thread that asks for information about occupations or hobbies. Consumers love to talk about themselves, and by letting them speak, you’ll not only improve customer perception of your business, but you’ll also gain valuable information that can be used for future improvements.
  • Include Buzzwords in Blog Titles and Social Posts: One of the worst mistakes you can make as a blogger is to have great content with bad packaging. Titles can make or break customer engagement, and if you want your customers to click, you’ll give them a reason. There are always certain buzzwords circling your target audience that will spark engagement every time. For example, if your target audience is millennials, titles containing the words “budget” or “debt” are always popular.

Increasing your customer engagement isn’t easy. It requires a commitment to develop personas that give an accurate depiction of your customers, their needs, wants, buying habits, and more. As you seek to make your customer personas more accurate, you’ll start to see a drastic change in the level of engagement you achieve.

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