Secret to Offering Personalized Customer Support

Larry Alton
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It’s one thing to offer a quality product or service. It’s another to pair that product or service with responsive customer service. If you’re struggling to develop the sort of customer support that you want your company to be known for, it might be time to shift your attention to personalization.

5 Ways to Offer More Personalization

Customer service is emphasized in most successful businesses, but there are a number of ways to go about it. Some companies take a big picture approach and enact sweeping policies that prioritize consistency and efficiency. Other organizations prefer to zoom in and look at customer support through the lens of one-on-one interactions.

While every situation is different – and the way your organization is set up will determine how you move in this area – there’s a case to be made for offering highly personalized support. It strengthens relationships, makes customers feel valued, and boosts your brand image.

If those sound like positive outcomes that your business could benefit from, here are some practical ways you can offer more personalization.

1. Develop Customer Profiles

As a business matures, it usually becomes evident that all customers aren’t the same. Even when you’re selling a single product or serving a particular industry, it’s always wise to identify differences in your target market and segment the customer base.

One of the more practical steps you can take is to develop customer profiles. These profiles should clearly differentiate your customers from one another and serve as a guiding force behind how you deal with different clients.

2. Offer One-On-One Support

In certain situations, one-on-one support can be a great customer support offering. It obviously doesn’t work when you have thousands of customers, but it’s practical for many service businesses and companies with substantial resources.

Surgent CPA Review is a good example of a company that offers highly personalized, hands-on support. They provide a personal “Success Coach” to each customer, which gives them the feeling of direct access. Finding your own way to offer personalized support like this can strengthen relationships over time.

3. Use Multiple Channels

As you’ll discover when creating customer profiles, people prefer to communicate via different channels. Some people prefer to talk on the phone with an actual person, while others find it more convenient to participate in an online chat support. The more channels you can offer your customers, the more comfortable they’ll feel when interacting with your support team.

4. Develop a Loyalty Program

Research shows that 64 percent of retailers find loyalty and reward programs to be their best method of connecting with customers. In other words, if you want to engage your customers and provide them with ongoing support – not just in a time of need – a loyalty program can improve your chances of making progress in this area.

5. Listen to Feedback

Most businesses take a reactionary approach to customer support. They wait for problems to occur and then respond by providing customers with the help they need.

While reactionary support is sometimes the only option, it’s much better to focus your efforts on proactive support. The optimal way to do this is by listening to feedback and letting it shape how you serve your clients. For example, if you’re reading industry message boards and figure out that there’s a glitch with your product, it would be wise to contact customers and let them know, as opposed to waiting for them to confront your support team.

Put the Customer First

At the end of the day, the customer comes first. If you believe in this idea, then you have to take actionable steps to support it. By offering more personalized customer support, you can create some movement in the right direction. Are you ready?

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