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Infographic: The anatomy of digital consumers

3rd Feb 2017
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Technology has changed consumer behaviour. It has changed the way that people shop, their reasons for shopping, the priorities behind making a purchase; all of this has changed. And it’s been changed for the better.

Consumers have more choices and businesses have more opportunities to connect with their customers; it should be a win-win.

Businesses are playing digital catch-up

But for many companies, it isn’t. The pace of digital change within corporations is generally lagging behind consumers.

While it could be argued that this is because not enough is being done internally to push digital transformation narratives, it’s more likely that the growing disconnect between company and consumer is down to an inalienable truth: most businesses don’t truly understand their customers.

Most businesses will understand their logged-in web visitors and will have strategies in place to deliver value for these customers, but will be unable to offer the same service to masses of anonymous visitors. Sure, they’ll have retargeting campaigns in place; but how relevant are these ads to the individual requirements of each visitor?

Do more to understand your customers

Answering that question boils down to the basic truth that you have to understand your customers. And with the expectations, motivations and priorities of modern shoppers having been altered so drastically by the technological revolution, it can be difficult to put your finger on how exactly consumers have changed, and why.

To help you to decode this message, the following infographic dissects 2017’s digital consumers for you:

[Click to enlarge]


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