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Infographic: Why the telecommunications industry isn’t equipped for omnichannel customer service

27th Apr 2016
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Consumer habits have changed drastically over the last decade. This shouldn’t be a shock. The term ‘consummate consumer’ used to refer to somebody who would shop around for the biggest bargain; now, thanks to huge developments in connectivity, everybody with a smartphone is engaged in a constant cycle of consumption.

The relationship between the modern consumer and a business has evolved into something a whole lot more personal than it used to be. The channels of communication now open between them are something that a 1960s ad man could only dream of. They tweet each other. They message each other on WhatsApp. And, thanks to the treasure trove of consumer data available online, businesses have access to more information about each individual customer than ever before; information that can be used to enrich the customer experience and increase sales opportunities.

This is the age of the omnichannel consumer. Companies should be jumping at the opportunities that this presents, but very few businesses are nailing true omnichannel. This is reflected in the results of omnichannel technology provider Now Interact’s recent paper 'The illusion of digital success in the telecommunications industry.'

Telcos - the companies who developed the technology that encouraged the rise of the omnichannel consumer - are failing to match their customer service provision with consumer expectations. From looking at 54 of the leading US and European telcos, Now Interact found that although many companies have invested in modern contact channel technology (like online chat, or offering call back as an option) they aren’t using online consumer data to improve the customer experience.

Inforgraphic - Telecoms Industry failing consumers
Now Interact, 2016

The omnichannel consumer demands to be understood. They want their time to be valued, to be treated as individuals; the companies that will grab their attention will be those who take the time to understand and respond to this underlying truth. Online consumer data is an incredibly valuable resource; telcos need to determine how they can better take advantage of it in order to assure future digital success.     

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