What is Predictive Intelligence?

12th May 2016

Businesses are taking notice of Predictive Intelligence for contact channel optimization. A recent Salesforce report named Predictive Intelligence as the top area of growth among tech tools, with 49% of respondents saying that they expect to expand their capabilities within the next year.

This recent shift is in reaction to the developing connection between a business and its consumers. Companies now have access to more data about their consumers than ever before. They also have access to better tools that can help them to understand this data. This data is so rich, and the insights so precise, that companies can move beyond simply responding to consumer needs; they can actually predict them.

But how does Predictive Intelligence actually work?

Predictive Intelligence technology works to optimize contact channels by following a three step process: analysis, interpretation and response. The technology collects and analyzes online behavioral data. This data is then automatically interpreted by sophisticated algorithms. From this, it’s possible to determine why each visitor is online and make accurate predictions about the next steps in their consumer lifestyle before responding, where appropriate, with an action that helps them to complete their journey.

The impact of the technology is far-reaching. Predictive Intelligence-enabled companies can improve the customer experience, in real-time. They have a better understanding of their online visitors. They have technology that can decrease call center load, increase sales opportunities and enable smarter marketing decisions.

Businesses are tuning into Predictive Intelligence technology because it is proven to optimize the online consumer experience. It increases profits with minimal human resource. And, refreshingly, it isn’t another new technology that’s trying to cannibalize existing tools on a company’s site; Predictive Intelligence instead helps these tools to perform at their highest level.  

Predictive Intelligence works. That’s why more and more businesses are starting to pay attention. You already have incredibly valuable consumer data at your fingertips - now’s the moment to ask whether you are using it as effectively as you could be.

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