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Ensure your app's success with customers in mind

9th Sep 2019
Entrepreneur Pure Thoughts
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Creating and building an application is an intensive and passionate exercise in applying one’s skill to affect change. To have that app fail, however, is every developer’s worst fear. But, with just a few tips and ensuring that you keep your customer's experience at the center of your efforts, you increase your app's chances of succeeding. 

Customer Experience Planning

The most important part of any app’s success is the team behind it. Assembling the right people for your product is the most essential step as it determines the success of the app overall. 

Many times, developers will attempt to collect the most qualified over the most cultural. This often leads to splits in decision making and infirm communication. However, what an application needs: a cohesive team that all shares a similar vision and want to make it a reality more than anything. 

Assemble the right developers

If you have an app idea, you may feel ready to embark on your creative and technical journey alone. Or you may contact an agency to make your app a reality. Both of these routes are perfectly valid.

However, if you want the most control and want to ensure that the work being produced is of the highest quality, you’ll want to assemble a team of talented developers who are creative, experienced, and collaborative. There are several ways to assemble a talented team. You can use technical recruiters, freelance marketplaces, and job boards.

Consider going remote

One of the best ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of your application is to leverage the remote workforce. While many companies shy away from remote work arrangements due to inexperience, there are actually several benefits of hiring remote workers and freelancers, especially when you do a cost analysis of the entire app development process. 

Remote workers report higher rates of satisfaction and studies have shown that they are more productive than their in-office counterparts. In addition, businesses save money on salaries, office space, office equipment, and other administrative costs.

Stay flexible

Flexibility is key when you’re making any software product. If you stay static, you’re liable to release a flop. You’ll need to respond to change -- and change happens quite rapidly in the app world.

Try to stay flexible with your team. Sometimes roles need to shift, priorities need to be reorganized, and marketing objectives need to be reevaluated. Keep evaluating all of your business goals as you go.

Be sure to leverage agile principles. Take on product development incrementally and iteratively, improving working software in cycles. Be open to changing functionality, reducing or expanding the scope, and scraping or appending functionality.

Get an experienced leader’s help

A mentor or leader can do wonders for your new product. Especially if you don’t have much experience with launching the product you’re currently developing. A remote product manager, for example, can help you in a part-time capacity.

They can help you navigate the struggles of developing, marketing and releasing your product. There are many variables to consider and an experienced product manager can help build a roadmap, keep your team motivated, and make sure your marketing goals are on target.

Make marketing decisions during development

When you’re developing a product, it can be easy to get lost in the technical details. Technical excellence isn’t the most important metric of success, however. The most important part of your product is your customer

What does your customer want? What do they already have? How does your app make their life easier? Why would customers choose your app over a competitor?

Be sure to talk to your customers, evaluate the market, and tweak your marketing and sales plan during development. Your marketing plan should never be an afterthought. Ask customers what they want while you’re still developing your product and be sure to take their opinions seriously.


As long as the developers and team members are on the same page, the app will make it launch successfully. The app’s success, however, is still largely dependent on how you spend your resources. During the app development process, it is critical that costs are kept to a minimum while retaining high efficiency. 

In order to achieve such a feat, companies should look to the remote and freelance markets to find great talent on flexible schedules. Going remote will save you time, money, and resources by eliminating the need for office spaces and equipment. 

Furthermore, remote workers consistently rate themselves as happier in their positions than their peers. Finally, make sure to contact someone who has been through it all before to help you with guidance and marketing. 

Too often young companies will not enlist experienced veterans to assist in the process to the detriment of the app. Consider utilizing the team and the mentors to come up with an identity and target an audience. Ensuring an app’s success is all about taking the time to do it right.

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