10 steps to glowing customer service reviews

It is demoralizing to find out that your company scores are going down day by day. It can affect future financial results or even directly affect your livelihood. If you are providing service to a certain company and they are unhappy with your services they might turn away from you. All of this results in discouragement and even business funding failure. Then at times rationalizing takes place and the time is spent blaming the survey or comparing with even poorer statistics of the performance of other companies. All of this for no good! The best ways out are mentioned below:

  1. Get your company checked by a mystery shopper

Hire a professional or even better have a friend who is unknown by your employees to come for a review. You might find solution right away and recognize the miscalculations of the customer service provided by your company which you can easily correct. This way a pair of harp eyes will detect what is wrong with the company and find out the small things causing frustrations amongst employers that a survey cannot reveal. This can help you to take targeted effective action.

  1. Take a review of the digital assets used

Assets such as websites, webinars and digital products should also be taken in to consideration. They should be reviewed deeply to find out their authenticity and whether they are serving their purpose fully. There might be errors or notifications like sign up for a newsletter which can be a down side for a first time visitor. So judging you digital equipment can enhance your service quite a lot.

  1. Create a constitution of rules

There should be a constitution or a set of rules declaration for customer service to the clients. There should be a list of things which the employees should or should not have to say no matter what the condition is. For some companies this can be telling your client I cannot solve our problem or this is not my job. Always be keen to help out your clients fully.

  1. Create a set of guidelines to follow

The employees should follow a certain set of guidelines for their work presentation. This also falls for business funding process which should certain pointers to follow. Any sort of interaction with a customer should have a widely used set of conversational lines that are mostly always to be followed. Setting up of protocols and certain guidelines for specific situations such as how to greet or welcome. What to say when a customer departs, how to transfer a phone call, how to handle heated argument situations and etc.

  1. Create a way for your employees to quickly remind themselves through drafts

There should be documents or drafts locations such as on a reception or a sale point. These will have short reminders for your employees to follow. They will help out the employees, save them time and protect them in times of trouble. This idea might sound absurd but I would advice to take the risk rather than the fall.

  1. Focus on customer service training

Putting down essentials on paper for employees is a strong way to reach out to them but there is always a better way out. That is to train them regularly like every six months and to hold meetings and exhibit ideas to enhance their knowledge. This will help them know how to react and serve during protocols.

  1. Daily customer service reinforcement

Training your employees is a great way to polish their skills. You are putting up a lot of effort and time on your business funding. So you need something more to enhance the skills of your employees in daily basis. A ten to fifteen minutes meeting or a conversation break will be very helpful as the customer related issues could be discussed and so could the progress.

  1. The management of your employees should be planned again

Review the arrangement of your talent management goals. Check if they are meeting the needs of your employees facing customer service. It also depends upon how you recruit, choose and hire or take on board an employee. Whether they are getting great future prospects and growth?

  1. Apply a workforce empowerment approach

Giving the business funds and entrusting your front line army to face customer service would be an awesome thing to do. They will have more confidence in solving issues of their clients and making bold decisions needed.

  1. A step by step guide to customer service recovery

Making mistakes is part of the deal to walking towards success. Often what we consider as mistakes is different from what customer’s point of view. A defined and well built customer service recovery system should be placed in order to have success in there hands.

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