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Do your agents know you appreciate them?

7th Apr 2016
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Do your agents know that you are happy with them? Making your employees feel valued should be an ongoing priority. It’s a very important factor for a successful contact centre. People who feel appreciated are far more likely to be productive and happy in their role and as we all know, motivation and retention are crucial.

Showing your employees that they are appreciated doesn’t have to take much, but can make all the difference. Here are five ways to ensure your agents know they’re in the right job.

Talk to them

You may be their boss, but that’s no reason to act like you’re ‘above’ your employees. Talking to your agents on their level and engaging in some light-hearted conversation now and then can really make the difference between a kind, easy-going boss and an unapproachable grouch – and a little goes a long way.

Successful day? Tell them

Who performed best that week? Send round a star player email each week. This will create a motivated and lightly competitive environment that encourages employees to be the one praised that week, whilst letting them know you’re noticing their successes.

Provide clear progression opportunities

Your employees may feel unappreciated when they are working hard but can’t see their career heading in the right direction. Making sure to provide that direction will help them keep on track with their targets and ensure they know you believe in them.

Organise a regular social event

You know your team best. Will croissants on a Monday morning motivate them for the week? Or how about beers on a Friday to look forward to after a long week? Alternatively, a bigger event such as a team dinner or an outing is great for team-building and relationships across the company.

Simply say thank you

The magic words. It does sound obvious, but this simple phrase goes a long way to let your employees know you appreciate their work. Whilst we’re at it, please is very valuable too!

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