How to Build a Highly Targeted Prospect List

9th May 2017

Sales is the soul of every business around the world. Sales generate revenue for the business and help it expand its business operations. Without sales the business cannot survive and this is the main reason behind many of the failed businesses. This is the importance of Sales in business world and because of its vitality for the business strict emphasis is given to refine the client acquisition process. Sales is not easy especially a B2B sales can be a very long and winding one.  

There are many constituents that combine together to form a successful prospect list. From identifying potential prospects to contacting them and entice them to finally closing a lead involves immense planning with the right attitude and knowledge.  

On paper, the process looks very straightforward:

  • Build a list of potential prospects
  • Get in touch with them
  • Build relationship with potential prospects
  • Entice them and make them interested in your product
  • Follow effective lead generation mechanisms to collect data
  • Continue to nurture each lead
  • Wait for the right time to pass them over to sales and close the deal

So how do you build a highly targeted ABM prospect list to kick the whole process off successfully?

First Step: Identify who fit in your ideal customer profile

Smart people don’t waste time in doing tasks that won’t yield positive results. So don’t just waste your precious time in chasing wrong accounts. Think and decide who you should aim for. This first step will let you understand who are the good indicators for you and whether they are a good fit or not.  

Second Step: Do some through research

Once you know which are the ideal customer profile for you then start finding the people and start to build your list. Your CRM is the best guide if you are a part of a sales team. It is a great way by which you can make your client acquisition process seamless. Your research should include even the minutest details which must cover everything there is to know about an account. You will also need to find out who the decision makers are and how you can connect with them.

Third Step: Get connected

After doing the research prepares yourself to hit the Bull’s Eye by understanding the different ways you can contact your potential account. This is the step where most of the time is consumed and many errors are made. The thing that will help you get connected with your potential prospect is that you have to keep in mind that every prospect is different and have a preference regarding how they want to be contacted. This might not be your preferred medium but you have to go out of the way and have to keep the prospect as your focal point. You must opt for mediums that your prospect prefers and not the mediums that don’t appeal him. Remember your chance of converting your potential prospect into a client lies in making him interested in you and your deal. Then afterwards you can proceed by finalizing a meeting, presentation and closing the lead.     

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ae muthu
By aemuthu
06th Jun 2018 08:12

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