Not Easy for Digital to Replace Physical-Know Why?

2nd Jun 2017

Online shopping is a new day trend that everyone likes to follow as it comes with its super mega deals, coupon codes and latest products to tempt the user to buy their stuff online. And keeping in mind the huge number of digital population nowadays the online web portals are making utmost efforts to provide the best customer experience to their users. But no one can ignore the fact that no matter how consistent efforts they try to make, online shopping cannot replace the in-person interaction a customer  makes while store shopping.

Before buying a product users may look forward to several factors before choosing in  between an online or a physical store like whether the product is available online or  not  to compare the prices and to check the reviews and the rating of the company before buying it online.

Online shopping stores try to strategize management of their company on the social platform to provide people a better insight into their business and try to engage them personally with their brands. It is really important for them to build good reputation and have a positive feedback at social platforms so that public’s perception of the business can be improved even when they have no personal engagement experience with the brand.

For a company to operate efficiently on online platform, it needs web integration to set up a consistent CX. In spite of the way a customer choose to interact with the company; he/she should be benefitted with same quality experience. The company also needs to monitor both its online interaction and physical interactions to make sure there’s consistency.

It is very wisely said that vocal and visual signals become less important as tactile signals intensify. No one can ignore the fact that online shopping will never be able to provide that experience one gets while shopping in-person. It gives the feeling of satisfaction and assurance which never come when choosing products from a 5 inch mobile screen or laptop. A customer can always get a person to address their queries instantly. It helps to build an emotional connection with the customer which encourages them to visit the place again and again.

A business that showcases its stuff in a big way or keep a brick-and-mortar store can prove to be costly, especially if it carry a significant inventory because the larger the floor space the higher the rent after all. But there’s a reason why even online shopping giants like Amazon have opted to open physical stores as well, even though their online business generate most of the revenue. The reason is because physical stores offer an unbeatable Customer Experience.

Managing a store is not at all an easy job and even much costlier than to sell products online, but provide enough opportunities to equalise or have a better sale equations at the end of the day. People do enjoy the tactile and interactive nature of a physical shop, the opportunity to see, touch and test out certain products or even just interact with another person makes the shopping worthwhile.

Online shopping may offer some really amazing benefits that promise to make life simpler and easier. It may provide you the latest designs and products of your favourite brands, but can never be able to reduce the importance of in store shopping.


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