Worried about email CTR? Here's a simple solution

5th Jun 2017

Email marketing is the booming technology to boost your sales and service count. From designing your first Email campaign till analysing the Email Analytics, you need to adhere to the results. When it comes to measuring the success of your email campaign, it’s the email CTR that will help you acknowledge your campaign success.

But, how many of you know the actual tactics to boost your CTR without investing much within your campaign. The successful entrepreneurs' tips to grow your business will be highly beneficial for your business too.

So, let’s take a look at the remedies.

Start with Strong CTA:The Call To Action is what drives maximum sales to your business. It is the soul of your success where the user clicks to land on your website/product. You need to research well, before adding the perfect CTA on your email template. You can follow your CTA with amazing offers that can drive the user to click on it without having a second option.

Filter Your List:Not all your subscribers are same. Different readers subscribe your website/products email on the basis of different choices. Once you judge their interest, you should segment them on in a different list. This will help you hit the right number of customers with the right product, resulting in maximum open rate. You can segment your customers within a different list and run different email campaigns for them.

Personalize Your Email Template:This is a big issue with most of the Email marketers. They always heed on a single and predefined email template to be sent to complete email subscription list. Once you segment your list, it’s better if you could personalize your email template. Always remember to make your customers feel special for your business and that’s what your email will let them feel.

Move to Responsive Templates: Today, nearly 70 to 80 percent of your customers visit on a smartphone. To entertain your readers, your email must be responsive in nature. Building a responsive template boosts your Email CTR by a large proportion. A responsive email will also allow your readers to interact with your service within limited screen size and be a part of your overall revenue.

Don’t Forget Your Social Presence: If you are active on any number social platforms, it’s better to let your readers know about it. The social icons within your email template will let your readers interact with your social profiles and be your repeated visitors. It will also bind them with your services.

Avoid Rapid Mailing:Flooding your reader’s mail with your emails will not going to deliver the benefit, you are expecting. Instead, it will downfall the business growth as wellas email subscribers list. Always find the peak time and allocate it for sending your emails. Avoid sending the emails multiple times in a single day, which will annoy your customers.

So, are you still struggling with minimal email CTR?

If yes, this blog is solely made for you. You need to amend your existing campaign with the above-mentioned points and amplify your business growth.


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