3 ways to make your marketing content personal and attention grabbing

21st Apr 2016

The era of publishing content that will only promote your product or service has passed. Today people want to absorb noteworthy content and build a strong relationship with influencers on the Internet.

Here are some of the aspects you need to consider if you want to improve the overall value of the content you create, and create a user orientated content marketing strategy:

Build a unique voice

The web is filled with tons of information and it’s hard to find a topic that hasn’t been covered by someone already. Each day brings millions of new blog posts, so it’s hard to believe how you’re the only one publishing something in your niche at this moment.

Building a unique voice your audience can relate to, will make it easier for you to connect with them. Creating the perfect buyers persona will ease up the process of setting up the tone of your content.

Think of it as a brand building activity, more than a promotional effort. Remember that visits and conversions come hand in hand, and the voice behind your content is a huge piece of the puzzle.

Valuable, engaging and actionable content

Having your own way of presenting information to your audience is only the beginning. After you’ve established how to write, it’s time to start thinking what to write.

First of all, you need to make sure your content provides value to the reader. I could’ve written this article just blabbing about how valuable content can be. Instead, I decided to show you how to create the perfect buyers persona, and we’re only warming up.

You can either cover a subject nobody else is talking about or do better research than your competition and create a more valuable piece of content.

The main area you should focus on is to try and solve problems for your readers.

Good place to start searching for questions are communities like Quora and Yahoo Answers. You will have even better results if you dig a little deeper and explore active niche relevant communities. Remember that not all of your audience is active in the community you’re operating in.

For example, if you’re in the home appliances niche, you can find couple of forums where handymen from all around the world gather and answer everyday questions like “How to clean my sink?” Use the information you can get from small communities to combine with SEO and create an added value for the content you’re publishing.

Once you got people hooked with that top notch value you offer with the content you create, make sure to include elements that will drive engagement and make people take action.

Certain percentage of the people that digest your content would like to share their opinion or experience on the subject in hand. Content marketing works and you’re the one who needs to make this a reality for them.

Sometimes simple elements like including a comment section and social share buttons to your content can result in increased engagement on your communication channel and improved social presence across different online mediums.

Now you have an active little community surrounding the content you create. People are talking, sharing opinions, and if you’re smart, you should be a part of the conversation. The next step you need to undertake is making you audience take action.

Engagement and value don’t mean anything if you aren’t able to steer your audience towards a desired course of action.  

After all, you’re here to sell something, don’t fool yourself it’s anything different. You can be a charity, non-profit organization or a corporate brand, but you’ll always have the same goal of making people take action.

I am not saying how you should stuff your content with “Buy it now” buttons, heck you may don’t even need to include power words to make your content actionable. By making your content personal, you’re automatically going towards inbound or pull marketing, which by itself works more like an attention building philosophy rather than attention creating strategy.

Rich media and copywriting work together

Limiting your content to one shape and form is ridiculous, especially after you go through some of the most popular websites in the world. Even YouTube started as a user based content publishing platform, and you won’t see 500-word articles on it anytime soon.

The goal here is to create the perfect media toolset while managing to reach your audience and provide added value.

Infographic is one type of content you can implement in almost any niche, but think about including social elements and original content as well.

Sorting out the type of content that works for your business and the one that you’re only spending resources on is done through active testing by using your audience’s feedback.

Even if you have valuable content tailored to engage with your audience on a personal level, you still have one obstacle to overcome. The reality is people will get exposed to your content through sources that don’t allow a lengthy introduction more often than through your communication of choice.

Trying to stick to the points I outlined in the article, what are some of the issues that are currently stopping you from creating personal and actionable content?

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