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Applying speech analytics to streamline compliance

31st Mar 2016
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We’ve all had interactions where everything’s gone well during the actual agent conversation, only for things to sour when we’re subjected to lengthy compliance statements that as customers we’re obliged to endure.

I understand why they’re necessary, but there still seems to be a real disconnect when organisations invest significantly in order to reduce customer effort levels – only to undo their good work with tedious compliance processes that are imposed at the start or end of the dialogue. Given the importance of the overall customer experience offered, does it really still have to be this way?

Rather than completing compliance statements in the IVR, it’s potentially far more effective to actually build compliance into the conversation with the agent. Organisations can then use speech analytics to make sure that statements are being effectively communicated – helping to make the overall engagement much more enjoyable.

Speech analytics categories can easily be set to check that agents are making all the right compliance statements within a call, with any exceptions quickly flagged to supervisors for coaching. Any non-compliant calls can immediately be identified for follow-up.

Where speech analytics can also provide real value is in identifying those agents who are best able to weave the compliance statement into their conversations. These examples can then be captured and shared as best practice templates, helping other agents to deliver critical compliance statements more comfortably.

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