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3 ways to personalise the customer journey

23rd May 2019
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Today's customers have unprecedented control over the buying process.

According to Hubspot, 60% of customers don't want to reach out to sales until they've researched their options and come up with a shortlist of candidates.

This means that it's more critical than ever for salespeople to deliver the right content at the right time in the customer sale journey. Prospects in the awareness stage won't be interested in case studies or demos, but they will be responsive to blog posts that give a high-level overview of their problem and potential solutions.

Here are three ways to personalize the journey to help improve your bottom line.

1. Begin With a CX Roadmap

In order to know where you're going, you'll need to know how to get there. That's why customer journey maps are critical to understanding the typical path of every prospect.

97% of organizations consider journey maps a priority in their organization, and 80% of organizations have plans to invest in the process. 

When building these journey's however, it is important to keep in mind that the customer journey is not linear as it was in the past. Prospects may move forward and back in the process as needed.  They may visit your site, your social media, and sign up for emails to learn about your company. Retailers are especially susceptible to this, as customers will buy online and pick up in-store, or go several months or years without making a single purchase.

2. Segment Customer Lists

Because customer journeys are changing so much, there are no longer any one-size-fits-all marketing plans. Rather, you should use segmented customer lists to create marketing plans and communication campaigns for several of your most common customer journeys.  

Segmented customer lists, simply split your customers into groups based on important charisteristics such as industry, region or even where they are in the sales cycle.  By using email marketing tools, like GetResponse, you can create customer segments within larger email lists to give a more personalized experience to that customer group. 

According to digital marketing agency Single Grain when companies create segmented and personalized campaigns:

  • 39% of marketers see an increase an open rates
  • 28% experience a decrease in opt-outs and unsubscribes
  • 24% see better open rates, more leads and increased revenue.

Segmentation increases engagement because you avoid sending a blanket email to all customers, which can dramatically decrease the quality of your campaigns. Segmenting will keep your open rates high and drive revenue.

3. Create Behavioral-Based Drip Campaigns

While segmenting campaigns is a great first step, organizations that develop behavior-based drip campaigns can see huge gains. Behavior-based drip campaigns can leverage the power of automation while still personalizing the marketing messaging. 

Using email-based acceleration applicationss, like Mixmax, your ogranization can build personalized emails for each stage of the sale for each type of customer.  For example, the right software can help account executives identify the most enaged prospects (perhaps those that have opened an email more than 2 times emails) and then automatically send follow-ups that organize a meeting or provide a trial. By sending emails based on both the segment information and behaviors, your email cadence is both personalized and  is on autopilot. The good news is that the personalization allows you to enhance the customer experience, and the automation means you don't have to worry about sending manual follow ups or allowing warm prospects to fall through the cracks.

Wrapping It Up

Personalizing customer journey leads to better customer experiences since everything you send them is relevant to their specific needs. Personalizing the customer journey leads to a better customer experience before, during and even after the sale. After spending the initial time to set up segments and drip campaigns, automation can help make every communication you seen feel highly personalize and relevant. Investing in the right tools for email personalization and automation can deliver one of the highest ROI of any marketing channel. 

Your customers are looking for support through their journey. By using an email tool to provide the right content at the right time, you'll be well on your way to bringing in more revenue and enjoying repeat business.

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