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Automation is Creating Better Customer Experience

20th Mar 2019
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The stats speak for themselves; 71% of companies use marketing automation. So if you’re not, you’ll soon be left behind.

Luckily for you, we’ve listed four ways you can easily use SMS messaging to automate some of your business. Let’s dive in!

Advertise Your Promotion

With the right software, it’s incredibly easy to schedule a text and send it out to your customers. This makes it a fabulous method for advertising any upcoming promotions. After all, SMS messages have proven time and again to achieve higher response rates than both email and social media ads. In light of that, there’s a better chance of enjoying higher conversion rates when you text customers about a sale you’re having.

You could even program messages to send based on the location of your customer. Sending coupon codes to local customers works wonders for boosting foot traffic. For example, when Pizza Hut used this method, they noted a 142% increase in sales (when compared to their other forms of advertising).

If you’re unsure how to draft a promotional SMS message here’s a template you can edit:

‘[Insert company name] is offering a [insert deal] until [insert the end date of your promotion] so [insert an appropriate call to action- head to your store/ visit your website/ call today, etc.) and make the most of this limited time offer!’

Customer Surveys

Any intelligent business owner knows that if they want to improve the experience they offer customers, they need to gather data from customers. Customer survey tools like SurveyMonkey give customers the ability to instantly provide a business feedback on their experience.

Customer data is crucial when it comes to shaping the future products and services you market. Not to mention, you can store this info and use it at a later date to personalize product recommendations for that specific consumer.

Luckily for you, this is super easy to do with text messaging. All you have to do is install software that enables you to send out an automated message a few days after the customer purchases from you.

This is the best time to ask because they’ve gone through the buying process from start to finish and had a few days to enjoy the benefit of your product or service. So, they’re in a position to provide accurate feedback about all aspects of their customer experience. 

You can use the following SMS template to promote your customer surveys:

‘Thanks [insert customer name] for your recent purchase. We value your feedback and would appreciate you answering a few quick questions about your customer experience. Tap the link, and it will take you straight the survey [insert link to survey]. If you have any queries, please contact us on [insert telephone number]. Thanks in advance!’

Send Reminders

Automated customer reminders can be used in almost any niche. This is especially true if you’ve scheduled appointments to see your clients.

With tools like Square Appointments, you can ensure an automated message is sent to remind them about your upcoming meeting or appointments. This helps to protect your precious time from no-shows!

The same is true if customers need to use your product or service repeatedly. For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry, you can schedule a text to remind a patient they’re due for a checkup.

Similarly, if you’re selling software, you can prompt customers to install the latest updates you’ve released. Or, perhaps you sell products or services that require maintenance- for example, electrics, plumbing, or mechanics- if so, you can send a text reminder to book a routine maintenance check.

Here’s a customer reminder text template you can edit:

‘[Insert company name] [insert the nature of the reminder- checkup, maintenance, consultancy, etc.]: tomorrow at [insert time] with [insert the name of the person handling this client]. Any questions, please call [insert contact number].’

Say Thanks

Schedule an automated message to thank customers for purchasing your product or service using customer engagement tools like ServiceTitan. This goes a long way and reassures the consumer their transaction went through successfully.

You can also use this opportunity to remind the customer precisely what they’re entitled to (in addition to any specified delivery dates and times). That way you can appropriately manage customer expectations- which is essential for avoiding potential complaints!  

Last but not least, here’s a thank-you text template for you to use:

‘Thank you for your purchase. We have received your order for [insert product or service]. Please note that [insert additional info the customer needs to know] Have a great day!’

Let’s Get Cracking

If you like the idea of using SMS text messaging to automate the above tasks, you can easily hit the ground running. You just need to find the right hardware, software, and staff to help implement your vision.

However, before you do anything, spend a little time considering what you want to achieve from automating these jobs. Then highlight key performance indicators that enable you to track the effectiveness of this new marketing strategy.

When you have all of the above in place, you should be able to successfully leverage SMS  messaging to meet the needs of your business.

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