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Turn your contact centre into a revenue generator

14th Feb 2019
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Is your customer contact centre feeling more like a cost centre than an opportunity?

It’s time to change your approach.

Customer contact centres are in many ways the real public face of your business. Websites, social media accounts, and marketing collateral convey what you would like your brand to be, but when your customer has a question or a problem, their main interaction with your company will be the customer contact center. The customer care interaction often becomes a large part of the customer’s experience and perception of your brand.

The type of experience your customer receives during their time interacting with the customer contact centrecan either make you more money…or lose it.

Technology Can Save the Day with Customer Engagement

Consider the typical scenario, where a customer calls into to get help from a customer service agent. 

First, the customer has to input their account information into the automated phone system. After a long wait on hold, the agent asks them for the same info again. Well, it turns out this particular customer service agent can’t help, and so the customer needs to be transferred to another department.

After another long period on hold, the customer finally gets another live agent on the line, and has to give the same information all over again, only to be told that they were transferred incorrectly and need to call another number now and start the process over from scratch.

At this point, the customer may just give up and decide to go with a competitor. While this example may not always be the customer experience, is it simple to see how even just a few of these poor customer care experience can result in lost business.

While technology has already entered customer care centres, often in the form of priority ticketing or automated phone systems, it has not leveraged the same technology advances that have furthered development, operational and management teams. Customer service agents are some of the most taxed employees and deserve focused improvements.  

AI and Automation for Smarter Customer Contact Centres

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are helping to improve customer service. These technologies are changing customer contact centres into intelligent contact centres that actually can improve agent productivity, reduce customer care costs and increase customer satisfaction. 

The idea behind using next generation AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for customer support is not to erase humans. What it can do, when used properly, is free up your human staff to provide a higher level of customer service. This “concierge” service can improve customer experience, which increases customer loyalty. 

And that means, your customers will tend to spend more with your company, not just now, but over their lifetime, thus increasing your bottom line.

The right kind of automation – smart automation – can also help improve processes. In the case example above, better processes could have avoided the circular “phone purgatory” that customer was going through.

Targeted Marketing Through Your Customer Contact Centre

Another big benefit of using AI is the personalization possibilities provided by rich data. By knowing more about your customer (or potential customer), you can better respond to their needs – even anticipate them. Intelligent contact centre platforms, like Appian, will connect several systems including customer information and marketing efforts, to give agents a full view of the customer’s experience with your business.   

This means that you can strategically use your customer contact centre for upselling and cross-selling. Understanding your customer needs moves sales into a more consultative space, where customer service teams can understand the clients’ needs and provide solutions. Happy customers will be receptive to targeted upsell opportunities that speak to their needs. 

More Revenue and More Profits

Generating more revenue is always an important goal, but don’t forget profits. One of the best outcomes of using better technology to improve customer support is the reduction of costs. Human agents waste less time on tasks that can be better done by AI and robotic process automation, saving the company money while improving customer resolution time. 

Generate Revenue with Your Customer Contact Centre

Research has found that a dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience, while a happy customers will only tell 4-6 people about their experience. Poor customer experience can have disastrous results for your business. Empowering customer service teams with smart AI technology can allow them to focus on top-level care and retain and grow your customer base. 

Customer contact centres are evolving, and with the application of the right technologies, these centres are becoming true customer engagement centres. By improving processes, freeing up human agents to focus on better service, providing upsell opportunities, and reducing costs, AI and automation help grow revenues and increase profits. 

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