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9 email marketing tips for app development

15th Dec 2017
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email marketing

In this digital age, individuals, marketers, corporations are turning to various forms of online marketing services for the promotion of their goods or services. One of such services is email marketing. Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing. There are basically two types of emails when it comes to email marketing; direct and transactional emails. The direct email is one sent to potential customers with the aim of good or service promotion; it is not initiated by a previous contact between business and customer. Transactional email, on the other hand, is an email initiated by a previous contact between business and customer. Such emails are aimed at extending a previous relationship. Examples of transactional emails are password reset email, email confirmation mails, receipt email etc.

Although email marketing can a very effective means of promotion of goods and services and can be very useful for app developers India, it could also fail woefully if not practiced correctly. There are rules and tips that should be abided by to have a successful email marketing campaign. Below are 9 important tips for successful email marketing campaign for mobile app development;

1. Make it easy to subscribe:

Online, people can be very lazy. If you make something too difficult or complex for them they would gladly walk away. One important tip for a successful email marketing campaign is to make it very easy for readers to subscribe. Collect just the necessary information, you can always collect more information later when you have developed a relationship with your subscriber and they have developed trust in you. If your signup form must carry several fields, do not make the fields required. A form that is too long may scare or weaken readers. Post your email signup form of your blog, Facebook page or anywhere your readers are active and make sure it is as easy as possible for your readers to fill.

2. Let your subscribers know what they should expect:

Regardless of what they plan to send, it is important that apps developers in India let their readers know what to expect and how often to expect it. If they will be sending daily deals, weekly tips or company updates, whatever it is, it is important the readers know on the email signup form. This way readers can decide if they really want to be on the list and this reduces the possibility of them opting out in the nearest future.

3. Send a welcoming email to a new subscriber:

And when you succeed in getting a reader to sign up for on your mailing list, you should send them something as a way of saying thank you. This could be in the form of special offers or exclusive content.

4. Customize your newsletter:

Customize your emails such that they reflect your company's trademark. Your email template could carry your company's color and your logo could be in the header. Customizing your email in this way gives subscribers a feeling of familiarity right from the start.

5.Make your content clear, concise and scannable:

The world has become noisier than ever before. There is more information available now than at any other time in the history of mankind. People are very busy so it is quite easy for them to quickly lose interest in your content if you can't succeed in catching their attention as quickly as possible. To remedy this issue, make app developers in India must ensure their content is as simple and concise as possible. Do not beat too much around the bush. Before you say what matters the majority of your readers have long gone. Make sure your opening lines are as catchy as possible, and then try to break your content into small paragraphs; this allows your content to be scannable. This way, a reader can, at a glance, understand what you are trying to pass across, and would most likely not delete your emails despite it containing sensitive important information.

6. Send people what they want:

One of the major advantages of online marketing services is that they enable high level of campaign targeting. They allow ads and contents to be sent to the particular set or group of people that find it most relevant. This brings about greater efficiency in digital marketing and increases conversion rate. Email newsletter services usually offer grouping and segmentation features. While signing up, people can tick the group to which they belong, that way app developers in India will only emails relevant to that group.

Segmentation allows targeting of specific people on your list without necessarily assigning them to groups. This way you can send emails to, for example, people who live in a particular zip code because people who live in other areas cannot possibly benefit from the information. Or app developers in India can send emails to specific people who use a particular app. The more you send your readers what they want to read, the more engaged they become and the greater the possibility of them sharing the information with their friends.

7. Be consistent:

In order to keep the attention of your audience glued to you, then app developers in India must send a regular newsletter to them. If you go for weeks or months without sending them anything, then chances are they have moved on to another provider, and your next email may be seen as spam. You have to do all that is possible to keep brand fresh in the minds of your readers. You can keep a publishing calendar, to assist you in remembering when it is time to publish.

8. Edit:

It doesn't paint your company in good light when you send emails that is filled with terrible grammar and spelling errors. After the creation of your content allow sufficient time to edit. If you have the budget you could employ a company editor responsible for editing every content you are going to be sharing on your website or in your newsletter.

9. Responsive emails:

Majority of people access their emails on their mobile devices. This simply means that if your email template is not mobile responsive, then most of your readers are not likely to be able to view it and overtime their email box will direct your emails to the spam folder. To have a successful email campaign app developers in India must ensure that their emails can be viewed easily on mobile devices.

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