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9 reasons email marketing is so successful

3rd Nov 2017
Tech Writer Hyperlink Infosystem
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Can we safely say that email marketing is diminishing due to the advancements of search engine optimization, social media and mobile marketing? Strongly no! In fact, email marketing is perhaps the most profitable means of modern marketing and it is much alive and well. Email marketing makes good return on investment and presents your business with more opportunities to grow. With the help of email marketing, you can create a good relationship with your customers and become more familiar with their needs at absolutely no cost.

Email marketing is seen as a powerful tool to promote a company’s product, brand or services. Even though, sometimes customers are reluctant to give their email address, some get angry when they are constantly asked to give their email addresses. But due to the many benefits it has on businesses, no business is intending to stop asking for email address any time soon. There are so many benefits of email marketing, here are some of them.

Email Marketing is Targeted

In recent times, you actually have no control of who sees your advertisement when you place it on a periodical, television or diner placemat. Email marketing has dealt with the issue of non-targeted marketing. You can now target your desired audience. You can segment your contacts through their demographics, lead status, location and other means to know who to send and who not to send an advertisement to. You can now customize your email for a particular group of customers with similar needs which enhances conversion rate.

Tremendous Reach

According to a reliable source, the total amount of email address is expected to hit around 4.9 billion by the end of 2017. This number is expected to grow as most services on the internet require an email address to enhance user experience. Sites such as facebook, twitter, gaming sites, top digital publishers and mobile apps demand an email from the user before he/she can have access to their services or register on their network. This trend alone contributes greatly to the growth of the number of email addresses owned by different age group, races, locations, gender and more.

It is Cheap

Email marketing is one of the powerful marketing tools online and it happens to be cheap. There are so many marketing campaigns online that you have to spend thousands of dollars on. An example is the “pay per click” campaign, affiliate marketing and other similar channels of marketing. Also, designing of ads and banners will cost some money but you can comfortably sit and design your email at your own convenience without breaking the bank.

Increases Brand Popularity

Customers become more aware of your product, brand or services with each email they receive. Your business can grow steadily through smart design, strategic planning and targeted content. Your customers will always have you on their mind therefore, your brand product or services have higher changes of being purchased when a need arises. This also can be a way of turning clients into loyal customers.

Email Marketing can Easily be Shared

So far in the internet today, email content is the easiest to share. With a simple click of the forward button, your audience can pass your deals, news or offers to another potential client. Your customers will now be acting as your brand advocates, how interesting! Your brand gets more credibility and exposure when a subscriber shares your brand advertisement with another person.

Email Marketing is Measurable

Unlike other marketing campaign where is success rate has to be measured by good analytics, email marketing presents valuable and precise results such as open rates, delivery rate, audience retention and click-to-deliver rate. Moreover, many online marketing tools draws estimated and ambiguous results unlike email marketing. These results are more like details on customer’s interest and behaviors and not just percentages or numbers. You can easily utilize the information you get, to know the information your customer are responding to. This would help you to further strategize your marketing in order to achieve more successful topics of interest and campaigns.

You can Make More Content Available to Your Audiences

You can pass across only a little information on ads or banners that appear on Google searches or other websites. The whole message you have to pass across has to be very precise and that can prove difficult. But with emails, you can create a more informative text; you can also include gifs, pictures, or videos depending on the marketing strategy you wish to adopt.

It is Cost Effective

The profitable returns on email marketing are perhaps its most admired part. No postage fees, no print costs, no advertising rate it always easy going. Based on Direct Marketing Association statistics, it shows that email marketing makes a huge gain of $40 for every $1 invested overwhelming social and display marketing.

If you are good at your optimizing campaign, targeting and measuring the amount of attention your email gets on each delivery, then you will surely observe just how huge your returns are. You definitely are missing a vital strategy if you don’t see any high value in your email campaign. Ensure that the email content you send to your audience is appropriate and you should have an advertising partner that will assist or guide you on how to flexibly target your audience. Reaching a high amount of active audience and engaging them will surely bring a greater return on investment and facilitate a successful campaign.

Easy to Track

With the help of software called the “tracking software,” email marketing campaigns are much easier to follow and keep track of. What the tracking software does is that it shows you the statistics of audience that have visited your website or has purchased your product as a result of the emails they receive. To use it, just write your content, choose a template most suitable to you from the available ones, paste the content you wished to be included on your message, select the emails addresses you wish to send the email to and just click send; and you are good to go.


In today’s world of advanced digital technology, email marketing campaign has a big role in advancing any business to greater highs. It is high time you consider in cooperating email marketing to your business if you have not done so yet. Email marketing is cost effective, shareable, credible, measurable and easy to use. Even so, it is not considered as an option to many businesses. Working with a trusted marketing expert makes the campaign cost effective and smooth. With a proper guidance, strategic approach and captivating emails, your business will surely thrive.

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