Content marketing: How to apply it step by step

23rd Jul 2018

Nowadays, no one plans to create a website that is not responsive and is not adapted for mobile, although some remain on the network. Companies, brands and users are increasingly adapted to mobile devices. And the figures speak for themselves: at the beginning of last year there were already half of the users who accessed the Google search engine through their mobile phones.

Without a content marketing strategy for mobile phones, you as an Indian app developer will not achieve an adequate collection of leads and, therefore, customers. Due to these latest changes and the arrival of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and "mobile first”, it is essential to create content for mobile version. It is necessary to know the rules of the game well to adapt to the changes and the new platforms that are unseating the traditional desktop computers.


Doritos and Heineken have already introduced different content depending on the device from which their users access. Thus the experience varies if you visit their websites from Smartphone, web version or app. The future may not reside in the retraining of mobile content, but in the creation of specific content for each device.


The first step to generate a content marketing strategy for mobile is: think. Think that your users when they are consulting the mobile do it in situations like: Going by trains, taking coffee with friends, when waking up, when going to bed, in a break in the office. All these situations have a common point "Speed".

Create Titles And Subtitles That Favor Scanning

Enter a summary or summary at the beginning of your content: this way the user can go directly to the part of the information that interests him most. Highlight with bold or icons the most important content: this way you can call attention in a faster way. Use and optimize the content for voice searches: increasingly used in mobile phones.

In short, reduce the text and be clear, concise and direct in your sentences

Become Mobile Friendly

In 2015, Google modified the rules of the game in its algorithms, so that it changed the indexation related to the websites that were accessed from mobile phones. Thus, the concept of mobile friendly favors those pages optimized for mobile phones and penalizes those with deficiencies.

So, in order for Indian app developers to check how mobile their website is, it would be good if they use the following tools and utilities:

• Google Search Console: which will also offer you the results that you extract from this analysis, which will be very useful to reorient your campaigns or modify them.

• Page Speed Insight from Google: tool that helps you to know which elements of your mobile version weigh more and prevent an optimal loading time.

• AMP: this technical implementation will help your pages load quickly and the user experience is satisfactory when reading your content.

Meet Your Audience

As an Indian app developer you must know your audience very thoroughly in relation to the environment and market, as it is the most effective way to launch products and campaigns specially designed for them and generate an effective content marketing strategy for mobile. You must deepen to know the tastes, demands and needs of your most local audiences.

According to a study by Nielsen and Google, around 40% of the searches that are carried out from smartphones are usually focused on a local interest or intention. It is very useful to use tools such as those offered by Google Trends, which allow Indian app developers to know the interests of their audience at this close level. After compiling this data, it is also capable of analyzing how a specific communication strategy can respond to these searches made by users.

More Readable and Multidirectional Contents

The aspect of readability is fundamental in a campaign, because it allows the brand to ensure access and good navigation through the website. It is very important to check that the phone numbers you enter are clickable, that users do not have to zoom in to easily read the contents or the CTAs, which should be as effective and clear as possible.

Messages for Mobile Devices

Think mobile before you start writing your content. Thus, you must raise the headlines, keywords, extension of the texts or formats used with the aim that the generated content can be consumed from a mobile device or a tablet.

More Attractive Headlines

Another element that draws the attention of any user and that must be clearly defined is the owner. Ideally, it should have a maximum of between 5 and 7 words and, in addition, should be attractive to arouse the interest of users. Keep in mind that the normal thing is not that the user accesses your page comfortably from home, but that it may be in other tasks, buying or on the street, so the owner must be a magnet so you want to open it and keep reading. To be attractive, they must also be presented clearly, concisely and with a message that encourages consumer action.

Know the Habits of the Users

Any Indian app developer that intends to influence his audiences should thoroughly investigate their habits, from the mobile phones they use, the websites they visit with them, the applications they have and the contents they access on a daily basis. All information is small, and the tool to get to it is Google Analytics, but also following the different surveys like the one that Digital Vidya made to over 6000 users and that provides data of great interest.

Posing New Ways of Conversion in Mobile Environments

The landing pages with forms, which are often used for these devices not only increase the discomfort and lack of efficacy with users, since having to enter a phone number, name, surname and email not at all comfortable in a mobile.

Adapting to the environment will be the best way to reach your users, so at the time of launching a strategy you must be very clear about what type of device you are targeting and therefore, select which are the most suitable conversion strategies based on of the characteristics that this concrete device has so that the user's experience is satisfactory and simple.

Demographic Factors

It is also important to take advantage of other tools that are increasingly used and with good results that exist in the market, such as geolocation.

This provides very valuable information, because through it you will get a mobile device becomes a real point of access to Indian app developers. Among the strategies of this type that exist for the mobile, geo-fencing or geo-targeting stands out , based precisely on the segmentation of users according to their location.

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