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15th Nov 2019

The monitoring of social networks or “social listening” refers to the processes that allow identifying comments, conversations, opinions and data of users, potential clients and competitors to evaluate the success of a brand, product or company based on what people say about them on social networks.

Various tools are used to monitor social networks. They facilitate the work since the volume of information is immense and it would be very difficult to search by traditional means.

Social listening is one of the most current study techniques, but exactly what benefits does it offer? In this article, we mention the main data that you can obtain when using social media monitoring as a research technique.

What social networks your target audience is in

Some tools for monitoring social networks allow you to classify online mentions and with that, you can verify the percentage of your audience that has published content on various social networks. That is, it helps you to have a more accurate picture of the popularity of social networks according to the target audience to which your product is directed. In addition to knowing the social networks that have a larger audience, you can find out about the number of hours per day that average users spend on each of these social networks.

This is a factor that will help you decide on the most appropriate platform for your social media marketing strategy. It is unlikely that you have enough time to devote to marketing actions on 10 social networks, so you must choose the ones that are most relevant to your users and your brand.

Identify trends and influencers

Based on the monitoring of social networks, you can find the most current topics of interest or fashion, as well as the latest trends. In many cases, it also allows you to identify keywords and the type of vocabulary your target audience uses. All these elements allow a better understanding of the end-users and offer you information that could be very useful for your brand if you are planning to carry out social media marketing where you are developing your research.

But it not only allows you to identify trends, keywords, and tags most used by users but also allows you to identify the influential people within the scope of your audience. Gaining a greater understanding of what interests them, as well as being able to establish a relationship with these influential people can be very useful to establish your brand and generate a greater online presence.

Recognize the attributes that are considered relevant in products or services

Although there are certain attributes and characteristics that users consider essential in products and services, it never hurts to investigate more in this regard to improve your products and optimize your services.

Some of the most common ways of evaluating customer satisfaction are through criticism and comments, scoring systems, surveys, and suggestion boxes. The latter are especially useful because they allow identifying characteristics that users consider beneficial. Although these are some of the resources most used to identify value attributes according to the client's perspective, now you also have social networks. Social networks are a means in which users can express their opinion, so it is a great idea to use monitoring techniques to find out the most important attributes for the client. This is a way to improve your products and ensure sales.

Find common service failures or problems

Launching a service without failures is ideal and performing many tests is an essential part of this objective. In certain cases, problems that you had not detected will be experienced by your clients. It is common in mobile or computer applications development as well as web development, especially if they are offered for free. The same team or users detect certain errors, place them in the comments on the website and application download page and from these reviews, app and web developers can correct these errors and even add new features.

Social network monitoring can also serve this purpose. As we have already mentioned, users like to give their opinion and share on social networks, so if they encounter any problems, they are likely to make a complaint through social networks. In this case, you can take the opportunity to offer great response and show that you listen to your customers.

Find out the strengths of the competition

Investigating the competition is an essential part of every good strategy. In this way, you can identify their strengths and try to take them for your brand, as well as recognize their weaknesses and prevent your brand from presenting any of them. However, social media monitoring is very useful to find out why people prefer the competition and based on these responses, create a social media marketing strategy to win a larger audience.

The perception that users have about your brand

As we have already mentioned, people love to give their opinion and share on social networks. If they have a movie they want to see, a recommendation about a restaurant or a complaint about a product, they will say it on social networks. As a company and brand, this is a favorable situation for you because you can know with total certainty how users feel and what their perception of the brand is. This perception should be aligned with the personality of the brand, otherwise, the marketing strategy must be modified to ensure that both the perception and the personality of the brand are the same.

By analyzing all the mentions of the brand, both positive and negative, in social networks, you will know if your brand has positioned itself in the market. So, as you can see, it is an activity that you should do frequently. You should meet with a top website development company to help you with excellent features on your official website. This will also aid your digital marketing strategy.

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