Post-Pandemic Customer Service Trends 2021

21st Apr 2021

COVID-19 has put a halt to our regular activities and changed the way we live our lives. Furthermore, it has changed the way we do business and provide safety to our employees and customers. So, what can your company do to bring your customers back during and after a global pandemic?

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How to Win Your Post-Pandemic Customers Back

One of the biggest threats of COVID-19, besides the virus itself, is the sense of uncertainty and distrust the pandemic has generated. It is hard to know if your favorite local restaurant or small business is following health and safety protocols and the CDC’s guidelines.

And this lack of trust and certainty has made many customers retreat from their favorite businesses and wait out the pandemic before going out again. However, that is probably not good news for your business, as you need customers to continue buying to stay open.

So, to help you ensure your business is ready for business and set to make an impression on your customers, here are some tips to help you win your post-COVID clients back.

1. Learn What Your Customers Want & Expect

It is important to know what your customers expect from your company during these times. For instance, would they like better shipping and delivery rates, in-store pick-up, or curbside pick-up options, and so on. Furthermore, do they expect faster customer support? Or better communication options with your business? And most importantly, what safety protocols would they like to see your business implementing?

Keep in mind that empathy in customer service can go a long way in making customers feel comfortable and retaining them.

2. Offer Multi-Channel Support

With the pandemic and businesses scrambling to get work and orders done, most customers have had a hard time connecting with businesses. Your communication system must continue to be open, active, and managed well. Furthermore, if you want to reach a wider audience, it is a good idea to offer multi-channel support and not just through phone calls. 

This means drawing on email marketing, social media engagement, video conferencing, live chat, and other communication tools. Customers who do not want to call a business, or are unable to, can use social media to connect with a business. Additionally, you may make better sales through video conferencing, which mimics in-person interaction.

It is through your communication channels that your customers reach out for inquiries and customer support. And therefore, you should ensure your channels are active and available to new and existing customers.

3. Show Customers How Your Business is Staying Safe

This is the most important factor in bringing customers back to your business post-COVID-19. Demonstrate what your business and your employees are doing to keep the business — and by extension your customers — safe.

Send current customers emails detailing your safety protocols. Share videos of how your employees are following safety measures, wearing masks, cleaning surfaces, and more. This will incite more confidence in your employees and in your company. And customers will, as a result, feel safe to buy from you.

4. Give Them Reasons to Want to Come Back

Lastly, understand that the pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways. This means that for some customers your business is the last thing on their mind. And for others, if their finances are in trouble and your products and services are expensive, they may find another provider. 

For these reasons, you will want to deploy measures to attract customers to your company. Use promotions, discounts, loyalty programs, customer appreciation programs, and more.

Win Clients & Bring Your Business Back on Track!

While not all of these tips may work for your business, try and implement the ones that do. The way we do business has changed and you must be willing to adapt to the changes or your sales will suffer. Reinvent your strategies and keep your business stable. And before you know it, the pandemic will be over and everything will be back to normal again.

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