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How Gamification Can Make Customer Service Fun

9th Sep 2015
Content Marketing Specialist BizDB
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Your customer service staff work much harder than you may realize. Dealing with unhappy customers is entirely draining, and your employees likely feel abused on a regular basis. They know to have a thick skin and not take it personally, but after a while, the job can leech their happiness away. If they’re unhappy, they may maintain a basic standard of professionalism, but they’re not as eager to go above and beyond for the customer as you may want them to be. Try not to blame them for being bogged down. Gamification can change their relationship with their jobs, and make them happier and more productive.

Removing Tedium
Everything your service associates have to do is based on a strict and regulated routine. They need to be able to answer every question and resolve every issue without hesitating. There isn’t much variety in their jobs, and they go home with a paycheck at the end of the week. If that sounds boring, that’s because it is. Even your most talented customer service people aren’t having a blast doing their job. But you have the ability to change that.

Incentivizing job tasks, service satisfaction ratings, and reducing service related issues will make them feel more motivated to do what they came to do. They’ll have a clear visual of their progress and what they’re working toward, and that will help them feel rewarded for all the hard work they do. In a way, it becomes addictive to see yourself earn something other than a paycheck for all of your efforts.

Encouraging Healthy Competition
It’s hard to strive to be number one if you have no idea how you compare to your coworkers. What does Sally do that helps her get more done throughout the day? How is Bill speaking to customers in order to have such a high satisfaction rating? Sometimes, it feels discouraging to see others doing better.

Adding a competitive element to the service environment will encourage your employees to try new approaches to maximize their potential. They’re not coming in only to do their job, but they’re striving to win. If there’s a larger sense of accomplishment to be had for doing the same work, everyone will be eager to lay all their talents on the table and move forward.

Adding Excitement to the Workplace
It’s always a game changer when there are prizes to be had. Employees will have a much better outlook if work is fun. They’ll arrive in the morning with the attitude that there’s potentially something special in store for them. Excited employees will exude more positive energy, and positivity is contagious. Allow that excitement to set the tone of your workplace.

By using gamification for both individual successes and team successes, even employees who have had a difficult week will be less disheartened by knowing that their efforts contributed to a widespread success. Offering something for everyone, such as a pizza party lunch or small raffled gift cards, will keep everyone at the same level of optimism.

Improving Job Attitudes
As a result of gamification, your employees will enjoy their work more. They’ll feel appreciated and recognized in a variety of ways, and that will improve their relationships with their jobs. Busy days and heavy workloads will now also become opportunities to win more, and that will prevent stressful situations from throwing your employees into a slump. Balancing out stressors with good things will make your service staff happier with their employment. This way even help improve employee retention.

Gamification is something every business should consider if they want to develop a rockstar customer service staff. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you prioritize the experience of your workers.

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