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Music to your ears? Twitter finally reveals #Music service

18th Apr 2013
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After much speculation, Twitter has finally announced details of its new #Music feature, which it described as more of an app than a complete service.

With music sourced  from iTunes, Spotify or Rdio, users can listen to their favourite artists from within the #Music web browser or via the app for Apple iPhone and iPad - note, Android users have been left out in the cold with this one. 

Users can also see what songs are being played by their followers via a #NowPlaying screen and listen along with them.

The service also encourages Twitter members to discover new music through the people they follow and what's trending on Twitter - the technology seemingly brought from Twitter's newly acquired service We Are Hunted, which finds the most popular music trending across the globe and suggest artists and songs to users based on their listening history.

Stephen Phillips, founder of We are Hunted, said on Twitter's blog: “Twitter and music go great together. People share and discover new songs and albums every day. Many of the most-followed accounts on Twitter are musicians, and half of all users follow at least one musician.

“This is why artists turn to Twitter first to connect with their fans — and why we wanted to find a way to surface songs people are tweeting about. We offered music artists an early look at the service. You can see some of their reactions below. We hope you like it, too.” social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs

Alice Enders, the music expert at Enders Analysis told the Guardian: "My question is where is the money for Twitter? For the recorded music industry, the recommendations thing is old hat because that's the function of charts and airplay, so there's not really any incremental value there.
"And then, do I care about what Sally Bercow is listening to? If I follow an opinion maker, not an artist, I might really prefer to stick to their opinions than their dodgy musical tastes.”

From a personal perspective, Enders makes a good point. How does Twitter intend to generate revenue through the service and is #Music likely to antagonise users not interested in music recommendations?


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By Morgansey
03rd Aug 2013 11:36

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