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How to Identify Your Online Target Audience

24th Apr 2017
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The online marketplace is getting more crowded with each passing day but many businesses are still struggling to identify their target audience and turn website visitors into loyal customers. If lack of info on the best online audience ID practices is the only thing standing between you and high conversion, here are a few smart tips that can you help boost traffic and online sales within weeks.

Define the profile of your target audience

To get a better idea about your target audience and their behavior online, ask yourself a few key questions, such as:

• What’s my average customer’s age, gender, demographic, and socioeconomic status?

• What are the major problems, needs, and interests my target audience is faced with?

• What value can my offering provide that sets my brand above competition?

• How can my target audience benefit from my idea, product, or service?

• What social media channel does my target audience use most frequently?

Based on the answers, you should be able to get a pretty good idea as to the profile of potential customers you should aim your new digital marketing strategy at and the channels you can use to this end.

Find them and draw them in gently

To get your target audience to interact, reach out to them in a manner they’ll respond to well. As a social media marketing newbie, it would be smart to review your competitors and see how they’re handling customer support online. Examples of successful customer service should help you set up a winning business profile or page which you’ll update and upgrade as you go. With your brand profile in place, you should come up with a unique value proposition that will attract attention of your audience.

For instance, if your brand is selling doors, you can list features and benefits of security doors available from your brand that the buyers won’t find elsewhere. Also, you can harness the power of brands from related industries and borrow prospects from partner companies or niche groups (just do it discreetly; Facebook users hate blatant marketing ploys).

Fishing outside your social net(work)

If you really want to drive conversion up fast, you may well turn to sponsored Facebook posts. The simple trick should help get more eyeballs on your offering, grow your follower database, and hopefully dial up traffic and sales. Still, lucrative prospects can lurk outside your Facebook zone, so if you want to take your online marketing game to the next level, you shouldn’t neglect internet nooks and crannies such as blogs, websites, and forums.

To tap into the power of niche audience online, you can try tools such as Mention, Google Alerts or Quora to help you find and engage potential users and navigate them to your site. Google AdWords are also an option that will help your brand improve visibility online, but do note PPC marketing is usually costly and doesn’t promise proportionate ROI effects.

A little user feedback goes a long way

If you’re struggling to increase conversion even with best online marketing efforts, it might be a wise move to ask your customers for feedback. A custom-devised survey will get you precious insights into online behavior of existing and potential consumers, which will blend with hints on hot content marketing trends, allowing you to fine-tune advertizing campaigns and select best marketing channels for future use.

For a bonus advertizing game boost, you can analyze existing traffic by means of Google Analytics and see if website visitors are coming from social networks, marketing campaigns, or other referral sources. Based on website visitor analysis, you can scrap unprofitable campaigns and focus on most important traffic sources such as industry influencers or bloggers.

Filter them and share, don’t just sell

When looking to drive turnover online, try to avoid blatant advertizing schemes. An average Joe may like his French fries hot and crispy but what he likes even more if the brand that’s selling his food can make him chuckle. In this light, cash spent on creative marketing campaigns and social media management will be money invested in long-term growth and steady revenue inflow. For an extra coat of topping on your online profit cake, you can filter your target audience by means of various parameters, such as location, age, gender, and educational background: that way, you will be able to narrow down your advertizing efforts, boost traffic, and increase conversion with a greater degree of certainty.

Finally, don’t forget to offer freebies and special discounts to new customers now and again: your online audience will appreciate every coupon and giveaway you throw their way just as much as they’ll value wit and humor in real-time marketing campaigns.

Ready to take your online marketing game from scratch to super-successful? Use the tips above to define your target audience and get them to interact with you, and your sale speed may soon slide into the supersonic lane. Good luck!

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