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1st Jan 2017

MyCustomer welcomes blogging contributions from the sales, marketing, service and CX community. And you've probably noticed by now that our blog page is buzzing with activity. 

Blogs are a great way to showcase your knowledge and experience, or shine a light on an issue that you think needs discussion. You can make yours professional or offer personal insight, but just remember not to self-promote and to keep it relevant – MyCustomer is primarily a community for customer-focused professionals, so blogs of a more personal nature should probably be saved for somewhere else.

To set up a blog, first of all you need to register with MyCustomer – registration is quick and easy and FREE.

Once you have registered as a user, you then log in, click into ‘my account’ and then click on ‘become a blogger’ in the lefthand pane.

To make sure that the blog posts on MyCustomer are of the highest standard for our readers, we ask our members to complete a short form to explain what the main theme of their blog posts will be.

The MyCustomer team will then be in touch within 2 working days to let you know whether your request has been approved. Once approved, you can set up a blog, and once you have completed this and submitted your blog details (including giving it a name), you can then write and publish your first blogs.

Whenever you want to write and publish a blog post, simply click into ‘my account’ and then click on ‘write a blog post’ in the left hand pane.

Please make sure you check out our style guide and rulebook before posting any content. If you have any questions you can consult our helpdesk, or contact the MyCustomer team directly at [email protected]. Happy blogging!

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kemeja lgs
By bajubaru
24th May 2018 06:15

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22nd Mar 2019 11:49

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