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MyC publishes major study into CX leadership

9th Apr 2020
Managing editor
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When MyCustomer launched its CX Leader of the Year award last year to recognise the achievements of professionals in this field, it became clear that there was a great variation in not only the background and experience of CX leaders, but also the perameters and requirements of their jobs. 

As we studied the large number of applications we received, we decided that we would explore this area further to shed light on today's customer experience leaders and the programmes that they manage. 

So at the end of last year we surveyed 75 customer experience leaders - defined as "the senior professional that has chief responsibility for the organisation’s customer experience programme" - from around the world. 

The subsequent piece of research - Rise of the customer experience leader - a globa research study exploring the requirements, responsibilities and results of CX leadership - has now been published in collaboration with our partners at Confirmit and provides a detailed look at the anatomy of today's CX leaders and the programmes they run, including their:

  • Background and experience.
  • Resourcing and reporting.
  • Responsibilities and results.
  • Budgets and investment.

So whether you're a business looking to recruit a CX leader and eager to know the core competencies, or a professional keen to learn what it takes to become a CX leader, or an experienced CX leader seeking to benchmark your role against others, you'll find all the answers in this research report. 

Download it now to find out all about customer experience leadership.

CX leadership report


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