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Where should the CX team sit in your organisation?

13th Mar 2020
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Where should the customer experience team sit within organisations? There are plenty of examples of the CX team sitting within the marketing team, but more recent research from the likes of Gartner, indicates that there is a growing trend for the CEO to take direct ownership of customer experience. 

So which is best?

I was recently joined by Dr Oleg Konovalov as guests on a webinar for ARCET Global, as part of a series building up to their European Customer Centriticy Awards

The focus of the discussion was based around where the customer experience team should sit, and I was able to draw on new research that MyCustomer has conducted (and will shortly be publishing) to inform my opinions. But we also touched on related areas including the influence of company leadership on CX, and how the company's wider vision impacts customer experience strategies. 

You can listen to the whole webinar below. 

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By Hutchins
25th Mar 2020 12:27

A company cannot hire one customer experience professional and expect that in a year that company will have a customer-centric corporate culture in place. CX also is not a team that has no visibility and no budget. No one has ever heard of a business successful transformation without extensive change management

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By dahliaivy006
18th Apr 2020 09:50

For a CX group to have impact and drive change, it needs to be in the customer facing part of the organization. Customer experience professionals need access to the customer to learn what is working and what is not. They need access to the operations to change processes and procedures.

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