Customer Service and Loyalty - exploring the relation

12th Mar 2013

 There is no doubt that customer service and loyalty are used as differentiators by organizations for retaining key customers. I think the practice of providing a priortized service  to your highly loyal customers has been there for ages. That is a business rule driven by top, but have organizations explored any other relation between them?

A new relation!, are we serious? Absolutely, ever thought if customer service can be differentiated based on customer loyalty, what about using customer service as an input to gauge the customer loyalty? 

Considering the different channels through which customer service is delivered but probably only used for customer service metrics, how about doing the following:

a. Identify customers who use more of self-help than the other costly channels of customer service? In a sense, if not increasing the revenues, they are definitely saving your operational costs. Should they not be awarded some points.

b. Customers who come with a address change request or any such cases where they could have very well gone to your competitor, but they have chosen to stick. Is it being captured in identifying the customer loyalty?

c. Customers who help others either in your support community or otherwise, what are the ways in which it is being tracked?

Though I do see articles on how loyalty could be awarded or how to increase one's loyalty points, it is seldom to do with customer service. 


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