Enabling Ratings & Reviews on Social Media

4th Mar 2014

Ratings and Reviews is a mechanism through which brands get feedback from customers. A standard methodology followed by brands typically will have customers rate a product/service on a scale of 1 to 5 across multiple parameters such as quality, speed, overall satisfaction and others.

However as a customer of multiple brands, I generally give a feedback when the emotions are at extreme. When it is as usual, I hardly bother to spend time on this activity. These kind of responses from many customers might be a reason why customer feedback has gone through many changes making it much simpler and quicker. But now with innovative features of social media channels such as Likes, Comments, ReTweets, Favorites etc. even the simplest of feedback forms looks like old school of thought.

Having said that, another line of thought comes up that for a brand, how meaningful can be the social media features when it comes to feedback on customer support? For instance, if a customer posts a query for a brand on their official handle and brand is able to provide a timely and effective response, how can brand close the loop?

Option 1: If customer replies back by a Thank you and that is taken as a feedback. But what if the issue is resolved and customer do not bother to reply back, should brand engage further with customer to ask for a feedback? 

Option 2: If brand asks customer to retweet for liking the service or reply with tag #happywithBrandXservice? And that is then internally converted into some absolute number. What if customer still doesn't respond? what should that imply for a brand.

Option 3: Brand explicitly share the feedback link with customer on social media channels. This looks simpler but obviously not closing the loop on the same channel itself.

I have personally not seen a formal feedback being asked from social channels. That gives me a feeling that there is still room for lot of innovation on how social media features could be leveraged for ratings & reviews. Or is it fair to assume that brands are happy with native platform features and the advanced brands internally have mechanism in place to transform the same into a complete feedback?


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