What's in it for me? - Part II

27th May 2013

Ironically, in the Part I, I faced some design issues that were out of my control and honestly I as a customer of this portal would not want that to happen at any cost. Though thanks to Nick, it got solved in no time and that's I call walk the talk :)

In this part, the focus is on customers for whom organizations are investing millions to give them always a compelling experience. But honestly, how does it help customers? I often get e-mails post I have consumed a service, asking for a formal feedback on it. I guess, this definitely emerges out of the need to listen customers and accordingly improve the services.

Point taken, the intent is right but I will say the approach is wrong. I personally do not spend time filling the feedback unless there is a very strong connect that has happened and my emotions went to extremes. In case it just met expectation, then sorry but I am done with that and moved on. The experience that I was supposed to have is already over and

the mail does not help the cause either. Sometimes it might also trigger a negative reaction and there the whole aspects of customer experience goes into trash!

Thus to engage the customer in a sustained way, it is essential for organizations to articulate the value it provides to customers for all active and passive interactions. I think till the customer does not realizes the value, all such initiatives are hitting the wrong road.

Value should be tangible such as rewards or intangible such as evoking sense of fun in interactions. Let me elaborate it with few examples:

1. Customer Feedback - this has to be a continuous process and should not be restricted to one off survey or IVR. The feedback could probably be inferred from customer tone - be it on social media, e-mail or live interactions in real-time

2. customer complaint - first and foremost reaction should be emphatic in nature and it should be channel agnostic. that is how organizations should visualize leveraging of technology

Hence, to conclude, if an organization is looking forward for bringing customer experience to the forefront, it really needs to understand what value the initiative brings for each stakeholder


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