The growing global call center market: Which countries are leading the way?

22nd Jul 2014

More phones are ringing across the world every day as the global call center market continues to grow. Established locations like the US, Europe and India maintain steady in their market share, and through the adoption of new technology emerging markets like the Philippines and Egypt are putting down roots to, as shown by cloud contact center provider NewVoiceMedia lately.

A large majority of this growth is from US and European businesses; outsourcing their call centers overseas to save valuable capital on agents. But outsourcing worldwide is not just about saving money. Continued investment in incredible technology and training has created some overseas call centers which compete at international level.

Expected global growth

To get a good picture of the growth expected globally in this market, Deloitte’s Global Contact Center Survey is a good place to start. Its researchers have surveyed 560 contact centers from around the world (41% of which are multi-national companies).

The results look very promising for the industry. 77% of contact centers expect to maintain or grow in size in the next 1-2 years as we battle out of global recession.

36% of call centers surveyed were looking to relocate, and the US was still the number one choice. The study also shows some of the many factors that play a part when businesses think of relocating. Labor availability was the most important concern, followed by labor cost, customer perceptions and labor skillset. This list continued down to the least important factors, which included labor retention and time zone considerations.

Deloitte asked businesses which regions they would consider expanding or relocating to and this is what those businesses said:

  • 30% US
  • 10% Canada
  • 10% Asia Pacific
  • 8% China
  • 8% Europe
  • 6% Africa
  • 6% Latin America
  • 5% India
  • 2% Middle East

What’s interesting here is Canada, Asia Pacific and China are ahead of Europe, and that Africa and Latin America are above India. In the tricky balancing act between cost and quality, some regions have won, while others are struggling to meet all the criteria.

Check out NewVoiceMedia’s interactive guide, here.

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By LisaWayne
23rd Mar 2015 09:19

Currently, Philippines, Romania & India are the best growing countries in call center market. Lower operational and labor costs are the key feature of growing call center market. 

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By AlishaSharma
23rd Jul 2015 05:05

Outsourcing affects every part of business from manufacturing through to financial control, logistics management, customer support and sales. By outsourcing, we can easily save costs, save the company, save most people's jobs, keep prices down and offer a great service - by relocating some jobs to other, less expensive parts of the world. Call Centers in India is also a leading way in the global call center market.

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