As chatbots and Al are implemented more and more into call centres, agents are finding their role is changing with customers. Technology can manage routine issues and questions, leaving service agents to deal with increasing complex issues. Ensuring agents have the skills to manage clients’ expectations is paramount to providing excellent customer experiences (CX), and CX is set to become the key differentiator between businesses for their clients. 

Mapping out your customers’ journey

Moving routine and basic tasks to technology will allow agents to focus on the more challenging issues that need to be resolved. Customer experience can be improved significantly by routing customers who are stuck with chatbots to live agents who are able to deal with their queries, thereby reducing their frustrations. 

Plan the technology needed by your customers and your agents by mapping out your customers’ journey. Look at where they make initial contact and how, and consider behaviours including:

  • Are they contacting you via webforms?
  • Are social media platforms their first point of contact?
  • At what point do they pick up the phone to move their query on?
  • How do they react to chatbots vs agents?
  • What sort of calls do your agents handle day-to-day?

Customers need to have a smooth transition between the contact channels they use to contact your business. It’s imperative that your help allows customers to switch between social media platforms, chatbot, and telephone, which is where choosing the right technology will add value to your customers’ journey. Understanding your customers is key, which is why mapping out their journeys with your business creates a good base to see where they are and how they are communicating with you and their friends. 

In 'The Age of Experience Guide', Bluewolf recommends future-proofing for contact centres, including attempting to:

  • Diversify and advance digital channels to resolve more questions on each type of channel. 
  • Make knowledge easily accessible to agents. 
  • Use real-time cross-channel engagement to understand your customers’ journeys and map them out. 
  • Discover opportunities where agents can cross-sell and upsell.
  • Coach agents on responding to customers’ complaints, concerns and questions. 
  • Use AI to solve simple and routine questions to free up agents to handle complex requests. 

Choosing technology for your customers and agents

As well as providing a smooth transition between platforms for your customers, the right technology will provide your agents with the tools they need too. Agents’ roles are becoming increasingly strategic as they manage the complex queries that are currently beyond the reach of AI. A platform should allow agents to easily access a customer’s information. They should be able to track conversations that have taken place across several platforms and so understand where they are in the customer’s query and what needs to be done. With this change in roles, ensuring your agents are equipped to deal with issues will empower them. They will be confident in helping, resulting in satisfied customers and happy agents.

Investments in training and the right technology to manage queries are key to agents taking on more challenging work efficiently. With more complex issues in place, it’s important that your agents have the skills required to manage the queries in such a way that clients are happy with the resolution. 

Understand your customers’ communications requirements by mapping out their journey, and then ensure you’re providing them with the information they need as they want it. This will mean you can choose the correct platform for you and your customers. 

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