When selecting cloud services, it’s all about the destination

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Why do you choose to get on one train over another? Why do you board this plane and not that one? “It’s simple”, you shout! “Because this one is going where I want to go!”

And yet, when it comes to buying technology for our businesses, we ask the question “Where are you today?” and very rarely, “Where are you going to be tomorrow?”

If you are in the process of investigating cloud solutions for your business, then you should be looking at whether your shortlist of providers can meet your critical requirements today. But perhaps of more importance is where your providers are going to be in one year, or five years’ time.

What is the vision of the solutions’ provider? How do they see the market evolving? Are they leading the market or following what others are doing? Can they talk to you about the new world that they see, and is that a world that you agree with and aspire to be part of?

If your vision is aligned with that of your supplier, then as long as they have the ability to execute, you should be in good stead. If your vision conflicts with that of your supplier – or worse still, they aren’t able to accurately convey what that vision is to you – then the warning signals should be flashing.

Some contact centre vendors, for instance, are falling into the trap of trying to replicate a customer’s existing suite of applications within a data centre, rather than trying to use the inherent advantages of the cloud to drive innovation in a market that has seen no fundamental change in approach for decades.

Our focus at NewVoiceMedia is simple; we want to give all companies, regardless of size or budget, the chance to give the best possible levels of customer service. We are doing this by leveraging the cloud and the multiple sources of data it contains; both what’s in the public domain and also the data that our clients hold about their customers, to route interactions in a much more sophisticated and intelligent way than is possible on premise.

This means better outcomes for the caller and happier agents, which in turn drives the bottom line of our clients. Doing all of this from the cloud also means agents can work anywhere at any time – all they need is a telephone and Internet access. Ultimately, our vision, or ‘destination’, is to change the contact centre technology value proposition and have the most advanced cloud contact centre offering in the market.

So next time you’re engaging with sales people at potential cloud providers, tell them that you appreciate them relaying what their product does today, but what you really need to know is, where are they heading.

By Nicola Brookes, NewVoiceMedia

NewVoiceMedia is a leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions. The business developed its solution ContactWorld, to provide contact centre technology as a true cloud service over the Internet, similar to the business models of Amazon, Google and salesforce.com. NewVoiceMedia clients benefit from enterprise class contact centre functionality, at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.



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