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Dis-engaged leads lying dormant in your sales pipeline?

19th Jun 2015
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Engaging with prospects and leads tops the list of every business' objective. However lead engagement can have its own phase of highs and lulls due to various external and internal factors. Expecting that the graph of engagement will always be towards the rise can be a bit of an over-exaggerated expectation. Hence, businesses need to be mentally prepared to face the lows coming in the way.

However, just sitting and and waiting for the lows to end is definitely not the ideal thing to do. Like other experts what we suggest is re-engagement of targets and leads.

Lead and Target Re-engagement

As evident from the name, re-engagement is a marketing technique to again get in touch with the people who have been previously targeted but did not materialize into paying customers. Typically, the best method to extract this disengaged lot is from the analysis of your sales pipeline. You see it's a dual benefiting thing.

One, your sales pipeline (thats otherwise clogged up) gets cleaned and organized and second, you get your filtered segment of targets for your re-engagement campaigns.

Once you have the list ready, the BIG query crops up? HOW

How really do you re-engage with these targets and leads without sounding repetitive or pushy? Ideally, the best option for lead re-engagement is email marketing.

But now that we’re in 2015 that defines a hyper-competitive environment, resorting to a plain Jane email marketing tactic will not suffice the requirement. As marketers, you need to get rid of the dead weight and think and employ multiple new tactics in your email marketing strategy, in an attempt to re-endeavor inspiring the leads and targets to finally convert themselves to paying customers.

Best Lead Re-engagement Strategies

While you think of your own ways and techniques of spicing up your email marketing, here are five really easy ways to help you get started in this area. You can implement them today to re-engage with those people who have previously expressed interest or engaged with your brand but have gone absconding or disengaged.

Re-connecting with Dis-engaged lead

1. Run Loyalty Programs

In this phase of leveled playing field, literally every business is fighting for customer acquisition. So in all chances your disengaged leads and targets are being persuaded by ten other companies too who by default are your competitors. In such a scenario, you got to develop your own set of USPs or exclusive benefits that the leads will get by associating with your brand.

So frame your customer loyalty programs and promote it to your disengaged leads and targets. This will help you to differentiate your brand from the crowd and connect with the leads at an emotive level, fostering the chances of purchase.

2. Use Win-back Promo

This has been an age-old strategy (although not used enough in my opinion) for verbal or face-to-face customer re-engagement. Now use this in your email marketing tactic too. Frame an email campaign inviting your disengaged targets and leads to try your product/service again with some new added incentives. These incentives can be in the form of discounts or complementary gifts/coupons. (Choose anything that fits to your business requirement and also does not trim down the profit ratio).

With consistent and accurate implementation of win-back promotions, you are ought to see the refilling of your sales funnel.

3. Focus on right Time and Date

Believe it or not: but the time of the day or the day of the week in which you send your emails acts as a major determining factor of the success/failure of your campaign. Consequent of which, you need to be wary of these simple and minute factors.

Ensure that your email campaigns are scheduled between Tuesdays and Fridays as this span of time shows human engagement to the brim. Emails on Mondays can have significantly low engagement levels because Mondays usually entails immense work load that often compels readers to skip or delete marketing emails.

4. Build a User Community

Benefits of building a user community are galore. And unlike what the common perception exists, you can involve your targets and leads to these communities. So invite your targets and leads to participate in your user community discussions. It's a great way to interact with them, understand what factors compelled them to disengage with your company and what suggestions they have for your product/service offering. Later, you can leverage this wealth of knowledge to steer your efforts in the right direction. Food for thought!

5. Be content-specific

Plan a series of emails that builds and sustains the interest among the recipients and compels them to give into the call to action. The message of the email should be loud and clear: you miss not having them as your valuable customers and are willing to provide attractive inducements to win their loyalty.

Now while you frame these types of campaigns, be careful that you aren’t just hurting yourself in the long run. In other words, keep in mind that customers can get irritated at the slightest overdose of flashy promotional messages and can churn out quickly again.

So maintain a fine balance between advertisement and quality. That means along with the promotional aspect, make the content informational and benefiting to keep your customers engaged

Tip: Lace in your CRM and find out any specific preferences that your leads and targets had stated earlier which has been noted down by your marketing agents. That can be a lethal weapon which you can use as a stepping stone for doing the email marketing campaign.


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