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How you can use the CRM to improve your Customer Service?

8th Apr 2015
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There’s a fraction of companies who operate by the rule that customers are dependent on them, when in reality, it’s the other way around. Customers hold the power and have the flexibility to not just switch over but also influence the overall reputation of a brand.

Operating in such a scenario, (where customers are incessantly demanding and the competition stiff), it’s only prudent that companies hone their servicing skills to try and keep the customers.

Below stated are four steps that give you a detailed insight on how you can use your CRM software and deliver better customer service for long.

1. Maintaining a consistent communication It’s a common tendency to focus predominantly on attracting new customers. That’s perfectly fine, but not at the cost of ignoring the ones who are already with you. That means your existing customers. So ask yourself:

  • What am I doing for my existing customers?
  • Is there any laid out communication process that is employed for the customers?
  • What if the customers want to share any feedback in general with my company? Are there any specific channels for that?
  • If not, how do I plan to build a long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust?

While it’s obvious that your team responds to clients’ grievances (whenever it occurs) – but doing that is simply not enough. Especially because we are living in the Age of the Customer where we all know that there has been an inversion of power and now customers hold the reigns.

So be proactive enough to send timely messages. Use your customer service software (CRM) and frame your communication strategy around it. Update customers on company news and product modifications and launches. Announce upcoming sales and offers. In short – (communicate anything other than being boring.

2. Involving Customers in Product Development
Launching a new product or making improvisations to the existing one – involve your customers in it.
Use your web based CRM solution to send in a series of emails. Cite the features, concept and details and encourage your customers to opine about it.
That’s the best way you can show value to them. After all, understanding your customers’ preferences and improving your offering accordingly is what ideally needs to be done. That gives the guarantee that your product/service will be a sure shot hit with your target audience.
And not just this, customer opinions on your products and services holds priceless value for you. Your company grows because it gets into the customers’ good books for a long time.

Anthony Leaper (heading the sales, service & marketing solution at SAP) comments – ‘’Customers love the fact when a company treats them as a valued contributor in the product and service development process. They love the fact that the company is exuberant about their opinions and act upon it.

3. Collecting data about the customers
Gathering and updating data about leads is crucial. Every business takes efforts to do that. But what about doing the same for your customers?
Updating the data about your customers is irrevocably important. That simply gives the impression that you as a company care – and that’s deadly in customer service.
CRM gives you the incomparable benefit of storing each customer profile in one centralized location. Adding, Editing or Deleting a detail – your team does it at the fraction of a second. And because it’s all there in the CRM, there’s no data discrepancy and all the reps have equal access to it. That means no hassle of juggling between multiple databases to know the present status of the customer.
As and when required, you access the CRM data to provide a great and personalized customer service.

4. Rewarding your loyal customers
Now this is a no brainer. But still we repeat it because surprisingly (rather shockingly) many businesses are still not that active on it.
So to start with: here’s a question:
We all have our preferred places for shopping. The question is “what compels us to come back?” Is it only the quality and variety of the offerings or the familiar atmosphere? Or the way we get treated for being a regular customer?
Experts suggest that the companies who invest in nurturing their customer relationships enjoy a greater degree of loyalty. Customers value that business more and perpetually continue their association with it.
So naturally, it’s imperative for companies of all types and sizes to invest in nurturing their customer relationships. But how? Only delivering better customer experiences and service is only half the game.
The other half is all about rewarding your customers; to show appreciation to them that they have chosen to deal with you.
So take up your web based CRM solution and do effective customer engagement. From an informative eBook to an exclusive discount offer – make it up for grabs for your customers.

We suggest: plan a monthly customer reward strategy, considering your customers preferences. Execute this and see the difference in no time.

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