Out on a vacation, but worried about your sales? You urgently need CRM!!!

10th Sep 2015

1. While you were strolling down the beach, amidst the white sand and sparkling blue sea water – did you had sales at the back of your mind?

2. Racing through the waters on a speedy motor boat, 'What is the exact status of my business leads' - was this question popping up every now and then?

In short -

While you were traveling in a far fetched island, the worry of your business sales did not leave you. The more you ignored it, the louder it got. Soon, your vacation was over and you returned not refreshed and rejuvenated, only to see your sales dwindling.

If this is what has been happening to you every time – YOU ARE IN DANGER!

Why do we say that?

Because research suggests that having the stress of business around the clock (even in vacations), leaves us overwhelmed. With not enough sleep, we get sick and irritable and are definitely not at our best in work.

So yes, the vacations you take to unwind is important. But HOW much do you actually enjoy it?That is just as critical. What you essentially need is a power that lets you manage your business sales even when you are playing with your kids or laughing with your spouse, far off at an island.

And that power comes from nowhere but a solution that unquestionably you are aware of: Cloud CRM.

How online CRM software empowers you to manage your sales anywhere, anytime?

1. Complete access to all Lead Details


Collecting leads and managing them are crucial initial stages in the sales process. Irrespective of wherever you are, all the leads that your team acquires through trade shows, seminars, direct mail, advertisements and marketing campaigns - you will find them neatly organized and indexed in the lead listing page of the CRM.

To view the detailed information for any lead, you have the lead details page that contains fields such as First and Last Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Id, Lead Source, Type, Industry, Account Name, Lead Score and Comments.

Plus, you can perform the following activities in relation to leads:

  • Assign Leads to your Sales Agents
  • Qualify leads to the next stage - Accounts/Contacts/Deal
  • Track the real-time progress of the leads from marketing to sales
  • Import new leads into the CRM database
  • Export leads data to PDF/CSV format
  • Customize lead listing and lead details page as per your business requirement
  • View dashboard to gain statistics on lead acquisition and lead by source.

2. Define Sales Process

Based upon the information provided in the lead details page and along with the discussion that you have with your team (through the CRM), you can understand:

  • Typical points of contact with the leads
  • Triggers that will most likely encourage leads to move through the pipeline
  • Best sales tools to close deals.

Armed with this information, you can easily plan and define a systematic series of steps that will form the sales process. For the convenience of the sales agents, you can identify the sales activities and administrative jobs in the CRM, that needs to be done at each stage of the pipeline.

Super excited? Wait. This is still not the best part.

What is more effective is that you can monitor and review your B2B sales process through the CRM.

  • How many activities of the sales process have been completed?
  • How far has the lead moved in the pipeline?
  • How much time sales agents are spending at each stage of the process?

You will be able to view the status of all, right there sitting in your hotel room. How cool! Isn't it?

And whenever you feel that the sales process is getting slow or there is some loophole developed, modify the sales process there and then in the CRM. In short, you do not have to wait for the process to finish. You can increase the efficiency of the sales process in real time.

3. Check sales performance from Reports

CRMs offer the feature of reports. Benefits of using it:

  • Choose from the standard CRM reports in sales or make your own sales reports using different Formats and Charts and Pivot Tables
  • Cross-link your sales reports across multiple modules
  • Use Role-based access to protect the sales reports’ confidentiality
  • Export sales reports to PDF, CSV and List formats.
  • Schedule sales reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and send them automatically to the selected recipients.

So basically, in one shot, CRM powered Reports analyze your sales team performance and help make better data-driven business decisions.

Can you ask for anything more?

With more than 70% of businesses already using CRM for their sales, it is your turn to join the group now or be left behind in the trail. So make the decision and share it with us below.


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