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Customer service enhancement in the IT industry

30th Jun 2017
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The general perception about customer service in the technology industry is that you have to do a lot of personal research and trials using the minimal information you could get out of the brand's website. This is not good because a lot of customers might not have the time or the resources to resolve their issues. Well, we can say this is not strange, after all, tech companies basically deal with computers, machines, and robots. It is not surprising to note that a good customer service is not at the forefront of their goals. This is not good news for the growing customers who patronize this industry.

A majority of the tech companies have made feeble attempts at establishing a customer service to help customers by the use of automated chatbots. These automated chatbots are pre-programmed with the basic information and solutions to specific issues, covering a scope that does not meet the needs of the customers. There are also FAQ sections and public online groups where basic issues are discussed and solutions proffered but, these methods have their limitations and the customer will still prefer to communicate with a real customer care representative who will help them solve their problems.

 Currently, the technology industry is a growing industry characterized by tough competition among the big and upcoming players. It is very important for tech companies to create and develop better customer service and support departments to maintain their market share by keeping the new and existing customers happy with the products.

Studies have shown that the customers value a good customer care service and it stands undisputed as one of the crucial factors that will be considered before a customer makes a purchase. A good customer service is essential to retain both the old and new customers.

If you were asked a quick question to mention two employees that work in tech companies, I am sure you would mention the developers and the engineers leaving out the customer support team. How do tech companies enhance the proficiency of their customer service to sell more of the products they have invested so much to develop?

We have identified three ways that tech companies can effectively manage the urgent need for better customer care services:

 Ensuring adequate privacy and security for every customer

We are the customers and many of us don’t think twice before typing in our confidential financial and social information on websites used by these tech companies to sell their products. What we believe is that a tech company that has invested so much in its e-commerce business should have put adequate online security in place to protect every customer.

 Many customers have realized the need to check for verified security signatures before signing up on websites, this means tech companies without adequate cyber security will lose customers. Quick and effective steps to sort our security on websites can be done by installing SSL certificates on websites; this is done to encrypt all the information sent over the network. I am sure many customers like me look out to see that green lock symbol and the HTTPS to know if we are protected.

The use of VPN is also a good way of ensuring the security of the customer’s data and regulatory compliance. Customers are likely to sign up on tech websites on a long term basis if they know they are protected. The advantage of including a VPN is that many internet users already have active VPN subscriptions which they use for example for regular daily activities like private internet access Netflix , so this will not be an extra charge to them.

Create and develop a prominent online presence across different platforms

 Believe me when I say that every customer will feel more comfortable when they can reach their favorite brands on various social media. These accounts will be seen as a source of useful information to the customers. A good online presence is essential if forging a solid relationship with the customers.

 Currently, we are experiencing an explosion in the social media and online forums sector; it seems new platforms are springing up every week. Well, tech companies can identify the platforms most commonly used by the target audience and create accounts. It is also good to know that multiple social media accounts can be effectively managed by using apps like Hootsuite. This means the customer service team can monitor every account and interact with the customers.

 It is very encouraging when customers can get quick replies and assistance through the online platforms.

 Set up a reliable customer service system

A majority of the tech companies are only reachable online, the bulk of their customers don’t even know the physical address of these companies. This means that the only way issues can be resolved is online. Slow responses can be frustrating, but a good customer service will provide relevant assistance quickly.

 Tech companies especially the new ones might frown at the costs of managing a customer service department. There are good options; freelancers can be recruited in every country where the tech company’s services exist. Freelancers are mostly professionals who will need a little training to provide the needed assistance to customers at an affordable cost.

 It is important that tech companies make it possible for real customer service agents to assist the customers. Automated chatbots and those FAQ sections will not effectively provide all the information needed to resolve issues.

Resolving problems usually takes a few minutes when the case is handled by a real human being. There are fewer lapses and a higher level of satisfaction for the customers who will feel confident in investing their money in buying the tech companies products next time.

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