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Genius ecommerce marketing tactics

10th Jul 2017
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 The life of an entrepreneur is very interesting, especially if you choose to launch and run your own e-commerce website. This will require a lot of planning which will involve getting a website and setting it up to render all the services your customers will demand. But what do your customers’ really want? How can you provide a service that will meet their needs?

Every successful business thrives on the patronage of loyal customers, the big question is- how can you make your customers loyal to your brand? It all depends on how well you have understood your target audience. But first…

Do you know your customers?

Depending on the kind of services you offer, your customers can be drawn from a specific group of people out there. You need to know who your customers are before you start devising ways to meet their needs. Let us discuss some types of customers you will encounter in the commercial markets.

We live in a world where the changes in our weather influence the sales of particular products. For example, during winter, there will be an increase in the sale of winter clothes and boots, while in the summer; bikinis would sell faster in some places. If your business offers services that are high in demand during specific seasons then you know what your customers expect.

 A majority of the consumers out there, however, shop basically for products that meet their personal general needs like foods, electronics etc. these are basically retail buyers. We also know about a group of consumers that prefer to stock up to avoid regularly visiting the markets. These customers buy enough products that will last for a long time all at once. They are one of the most sought after customers because of the revenue from bulk sales.

 We also know about those shoppers out there who load up their cards and go shopping without any particular plan. They buy things on impulse or if they think they will get a good value for their investment.

 Customers will also come around your business when they need the services you offer. They come to see if your services will give them value for their money before making a purchase. We should also mention those customers who make purchases when products are being promoted with an attractive discount price. These customers look out for good bargains and discounts before they make a purchase.

What are the factors that encourage customers to use your services?

 Now that you have identified the class of customers most likely to use your services, you should begin an investigation to find out what will actually convince the customers to make a buying decision.

Customers will buy a product because they have a need. Cars are bought because people need to move around quickly and conveniently. This also applies to other products like mobile phones and clothes. We need these products.

 We know that a customer will buy products when they need them; you have to find a way to make your target audience need your products. If you can achieve this, your sales will definitely increase remarkably. The following tips will give you an idea how to create this feeling among your target audience.

Well targeted marketing campaigns - you can leverage on the use of good marketing campaigns to convince your target market (potential customers) that they need your services. This will be achieved by appealing to their needs. Make them feel the urgency to use your products or services.

 There are also well planned marketing campaigns that encourage customers to make a quick buying decision. These marketing campaigns use phrases that make the customers feel the need to urgently buy the products so they can start enjoying the promised benefits.

Selling products through promotions for limited periods- when customers realize they need to buy your products within an advertised time frame or else they will lose the benefits, there will be an urgency to buy these products.

 Create price comparisons that favor your product- when customers realize they can get your products and enjoy the benefits at a cheaper price than your competition, they will definitely choose to patronize your business. If you can draw the attention of your target audience to the fact that your products are cheaper than the competition, your sales should improve.

 Offer cheaper alternative prices- if you sell similar products, you can leverage on the high price of one of these products to boost the sale of another.

 Bonuses and free gifts- these are inducements that can encourage customers to make frequent purchases.

 Positive feedback- You should encourage your customers to provide useful feedback on the social media after using your products. Your potential customers’ will be encouraged to buy your products when they read these positive feedbacks on the internet.

 Positive review will go a long way in increasing the confidence of your customers to use your services as many times as they wish. This is also an opportunity to grow an online community to increase the awareness for your brand.

Get celebrity endorsements- if you can get one of those public celebrities to be pictured using your products, you have a higher chance of capturing the bulk of their fan base as your customers.

Make your products stand out with a specific color - if you can get your target customers to identify your products with a particular color, they will easily spot them in the shops and malls. This will increase the chances of your products being bought regularly. Studies have also shown that customers tend to prefer buying products branded in appealing colors, so keep this in mind when you choose the color for your brand.

 Studies have also shown that certain colors can cause urgency in the minds of customers. Some companies use red color to quicken the heartbeat. That is why red is usually used for advertisements offering sales, discounts, promotions etc. You can take advantage of using these colors when you have any of such promotions to run.

 The best part about e-commerce business is that the customers can conveniently make purchases from the comfort of their homes or offices. This also means your business will experience a high rate of frequent repeat purchases. I encourage you to study the tips above and apply them at every opportunity you get.


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