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Outstanding tips to improve customer relations

13th Jul 2017
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There are various ways to execute an aggressive marketing plan; many companies have adopted these methods to win over customers. The results are usually very impressive and the business experiences an increase in sales. It is however quite sad to note that after the customers have been won over, the following communication drops from being a locally managed one to an impassive and generalized communication.

 It is important to maintain a close relationship with every customer even after their repeated purchases. Your customer will appreciate being acknowledged with personalized messages that appreciate them and encourages them to get the maximum benefit from using your services.

There are effective methods that can be used to improve customer experience through better communication. This is essential to keep your customers coming back.

 These three tips will give you a better understanding of how you can create a system to develop a closer communication with your customers as another strategy to grow your business.

1.  Identify the options most convenient for your customers

 It is true that paper based transactions are still being done in many parts of the world but a smart business owner will notice a rapidly developing trend. Many tech companies have introduced digital options to perform quicker and secure transactions. We know that there are many other digital base alternatives being developed. Businesses that embrace digital technologies in their operations will definitely get ahead of the competition.

 The fact is your customers are quickly embracing digital options that make their lives easier and these options are more convenient. You should identify the potential or existing digital technology that your target audience will find very convenient to use when they patronize your business.

2. Keep your messages short, simple and easy to understand

 Your customers would appreciate receiving communication from you that is precise and very easy to understand. You should acknowledge the fact that many people have a long list of operations being done at the same time either on their laptops or mobile devices. This means you have only a limited time to pass on the message to the customer. It is very easy to skip important details propagated through digital mediums. This is why you must make sure the recipients of your communication get the message.

These tips will help you improve your communication of digital media. When your customers receive your messages, they should immediately be able to get answers to the following questions-

•             Why have I received this message?

•             What are they trying to tell me?

•             What am I expected to do with this information?

If you can create short and precise messages that address these questions, you will be effectively communicating with your customers.

Key points to note are your messages should be short and direct. They should contain new and useful information that will be beneficial to your customers. Use visuals to improve comprehension. Use the text to appeal to the interests of your customers.

3. Leverage on Personalized Communication

 A personalized message can be used to create a better connection with your customers. Your messages should insinuate that other customers in the same category with the recipient of your messages have just bought particular products and they are enjoying it.

 Observing the trends and recent customer behavior, it has become imperative that all forms of communication directed at your customers should include personalized and informative content. Addressing your customers in a personal manner will make them feel appreciated as a partner in your business. Another aspect that should be incorporated in your personalized messages is the use of important tips that will help your customers get a maximum satisfaction from using your products or services. Some companies have also included educational content to inform the customers about several tips that could be used to save costs, live healthier, or become more financially literate (this list is not exhaustive), the messages should be in some way relatable to the promise of huge benefits when your customers use patronize your business.

How can you act on this information proactively to improve communication with your customers?

 A business owner that receives the news about innovations related to their business will be at a disadvantage. Your competition might have already adopted these innovations to get ahead of you. It is important to closely monitor the trends and technological advancements in fields related to your business. All your plans and decisions should be executed with the aim of adding value to your customers’ lives. While propagating your messages, you should also consider the fact that your customers are diversified (different ages, cultures, financial status etc.)

Generally, customers are always looking for a reason to continue identifying with a brand. Earn your customers trust by maintaining a personalized mode of communication with them.

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By Siddharth Sharma
19th Jul 2017 08:36

Thanks for the informative article. Your business is growing and you are dedicated to scale new heights for your business. But one of the main things you need to do to achieve your business goals is to provide a satisfying and reliable customer service to your customers. After all, your business will grow big on the backing of happy customers only! Isn’t it? But the problem comes from an in-house team doing your customer support. They have a different skill set and aren’t trained enough to deal with the variety of customers.
A great solution lies in customer service outsourcing. Outsourcing customer service enables you to win customers and give your business long-term benefits. Read here the benefits of customer service outsourcing

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