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Smart tips to improve customer experience with UI

8th Jul 2017
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 If you are one of those entrepreneurs who spent a lot of resources trying to figure out how to improve your E-commerce sales, you might want to consider reviewing the provisions for improving UI (user interface).

Enhancing Filtering and Sorting functions for better customer experience

Basically, online customers navigate through e-commerce websites to find the products they need by browsing through the advertised goods. There is another way to go about locating what you need on an e-commerce website- searching for it through the provided tab mostly found on the homepage.

Searches are quicker and a more direct approach to finding what you want as a buyer. You can streamline your searches until you get to the product category and also by using the relevant keywords.

Many e-commerce websites have also included features called filters; these filters help you to locate any products by making a selection from a drop down menu which indicates the various products according to their color or size classification.

This should have been a very good way to encourage the users of e-commerce websites for their shopping but what we currently experience is an inadequate provision for these features to function properly. Many websites have very poor product filters. According to the researchers, only 16 percent of the major e-commerce websites offer to their customers a reasonably good filtering experience. 

Generally, the votes have indicated that the customers are not satisfied with the filter features installed on commerce websites. Getting this right has the potential of increasing sales tremendously on these e-commerce websites. We have found three tips that can help web developers and owners of e-commerce websites improve the filter and sort functions on their websites.

1.  Include viewing and sorting options for better UI - your website will have very many visitors; they are all there for different reasons. Now, many of these visitors might not be patient to conduct a search for what they want but they would appreciate a feature that allows them to view products in categories and in an organized arrangement.

What some companies like 10 Machines do is to create a variety of viewing options either in grid or list view. Include the relevant thumbnails that would direct your customers to what they need to buy.

The use of filters should also be considered. It will help your customers easily sort through the bulk of products available for sale until they find the perfect fit matching their needs. The view from these filters can be arranged in order of the various brands available for sale, an indication informing the customer if the product they need is currently out of stock or if it is available for purchase at that time. This will save them from wasting time looking for products that are not currently in stock.  You should basically be focussing on classifying your products in a way that your customers can easily find what they want to buy.

2The search bar and customer journey - the search bar is usually very obscure on many websites. This indicates many entrepreneurs have not realized just how much it could be used to improve sales one commerce websites. Even with the option of the filter, there will be those customers who would rather key in the relevant keywords of the product they want to buy and search for it. It is supposed to be a quick and efficient process if the search bar is in order. Search bars are designed in different ways, some allow you to search for brands with the brand name others use generalised terms like shoes, smartphone etc.

 A good filter and a search bar work together, in a situation where the filter might not be revealing the information your customer needs, instead of trying another website, they would most likely use the search bar to be sure the product they are looking for is available.

3.  Product clasification for better user experience – this function is aimed at making it even easier for the customer to navigate through your huge stock of online goods and adverts to find what they need. This classification can be done in the following way, for example, shoes could be grouped according to purpose, color, brand and size etc. this goes for other products like electronics and household appliances.

 You might observe that many e-commerce websites don’t use adequate classification methods to sort their products for sale. This is because it takes a lot of professional effort to sort out thousands of goods into these categories, but it can be done effectively. If it is going to boost your sales, then it is worth it.

 We all want our customers to have a pleasant experience when they use our e-commerce website features. This is how we can be sure they will come back again when they need to buy something else. By improving your filter and sorting functions, you are essentially giving your e-commerce website a better competitive advantage ahead of the other websites offering similar services.


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