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Top 4 tips to personalize customers experience

31st Aug 2017
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Personalizing customer experience is easy when they step into your physical shops. First, the shop is branded; your sales team has also most probably been highly trained on how to make the customers feel very special throughout their stay in the shop. The online commercial scene, however, does not have these advantages.

 Personalizing customer experience when they visit the online shops might be quite tricky because of the virtual nature of transactions carried out on the online platform. But it is possible; the following tips will give you a good idea how to personalize customer experience when they visit your online shops.

Your online presence should be characterized by uniform features

Creating multiple reliable channels through which your customers can interact with your brand is a good way to personalize their online experience on your website. What your customers’ needs are the availability of multiple mediums through which they can make inquiries and research about your products online. You can achieve this by also creating and developing a prominent presence on various social media platforms. Your social media presence should be easily identifiable by using logos and colors associated with your brand.

 Your choice of social media will ultimately depend on the features and behavior patterns of your target audience. Currently, Facebook stands out as the most commonly used social media platform due to its popularity.

 Tip- creates a system that integrates all your social media accounts and online presence. This way, you can propagate the same message and accurate information across the various channels to your customers.

Identify your customers’ needs and then meet these needs

 You can strengthen the relationship with your customers by interacting with them informally. The strategy here is to make the customers experience the warmth from an excellent customer service even though they are on a virtual platform. Companies like Autoparts24 have adopted methods like greeting their customers by including their names. When you log into your account, you see messages like Hello Jason (if this is your name), welcome back or what can we do for your Jason? Customers appreciate this kind of attention.

 Overall, the need to meet the needs of your customers is generally applicable to all kinds of businesses. Your customers will appreciate your efforts in going the extra mile to satisfy them.

 If you can make it easier for your customers to use your online e-commerce facilities, customer experience will be enhanced and the customers will appreciate your efforts at creating convenient provisions online for them to quickly locate products and make their purchases.

TIP:  Currently, there are many ways to identify the actual needs of your customers. You could use survey, general data and direct approach methods to find out the various ways you can enhance customer experience. The good news is that your customers will be very happy to give you this information. They will be delighted at the opportunity to advise you on how they can be served better.

 Offer special promotions and good deals to your customers

 The most common marketing campaigns are generalized to accommodate the entire population of customers. This doesn’t make it special. Offers like free shipping, and discounts are enjoyed by every customer regardless.

 You can create a difference that will impress your customers. This can be achieved with the use of feedback and customer data previously retrieved. You can influence the buying behavior of your customers this way, if you notice that your customers tend to spend only a certain amount of money generally, they can be encouraged to spend more if you attach the option of free shipping to higher purchase values. Another idea is to find out what your competition is doing, and then discover a better way to achieve even more.

TIP:  Harness the advantages of big data. Explore several ways you can leverage on the data your company has gathered to create and develop customized offers that will impress your customers.

 Introduce the use of “How to” videos

 These days we always seem to be watching a trending video online. The social media platforms have become a massive medium for propagating videos to the target audience. Your goal here is to create videos that will simply explain how your customers can get higher value from using your products. Putting these videos out there will be very helpful to your customers hence enhancing their experience with your products.

TIP:  Ensure that your videos are of the highest quality in terms of clarity, audio, and file format. It should also be illustrative so your customers who might have to watch these videos quickly without audio will understand the message.

Your customers are willing to spend their hard earned money on products that will give them good value with an added value from the brand's efforts to enhance their experience. It is important for your customers to feel valued when they use your services. This is what personalization does in this context. It facilitates the ease at which your customers can identify with your brand as stakeholders to some extent.


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