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Top customer service tips to satisfy your clients

4th Jul 2017
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Your business sales might be experiencing a decline due to poor customer service. It is important for businesses to know if their customers are getting value for what they have paid for.

Recent surveys have been conducted to find out the level of satisfaction customers get when they patronize services and to find out what the customers expect from the services rendered by businesses. The reports from these surveys revealed a lot of useful information that would be beneficial to businesses. We will be discussing some of these aspects and the 5 important aspects of customer service in the following part of this article.

What can be classified as a satisfactory customer experience?

The major reasons customer approach the customer service is because they have urgent needs that should be resolved or pressing questions about the offered services. The customer expects that the customer service will provide the solutions they seek every time. Reports from the survey show that customers expect the following responses from the customer service:

• Every customer wishes their complaints can be easily understood without having to elaborately explain their issues—29%

• Customers always appreciate a cheerful and warm natured customer service representative who knows a lot about the product or service—31%

• It is always a good experience when issues are permanently resolved the first time a complaint is made—26%

What do customers consider as “the ugly side” of dealing with customer service?

Customers listed their negative reservations about customer service as follows:

• Being unable to interact with a real person at the other end of the customer service channel—34%

• Interacting with a customer support staff who doesn’t know much about the product or service—26%

• Lack of helpful information online —19%

• being compelled to repeat the issues being faced because the customer service agent can’t understand the nature of the problem – 17%

A majority of the customers wished that they could interact with a real person every time they contacted the customer care service. This complaint was majorly from the elderly customers. Younger customers are quick to seek out the answers they need from the internet, however, this group of customers still express a lot of frustration because there is usually insufficient information online to solve their problems.

How do the customers select which channels to source for help online?

There are many channels available to customers. Some notable channels of communication between the brand and the customers are the telephone, social media, email, live chat etc. studies have shown that age has a considerable influence on the channels preferred by the customers. Basically, customers who fall within the age of 18 to 36 will find it convenient to use emails to interact with the customer service. Customers aged between 36 and 56 years would rather pick up a phone and call the customer service phone numbers. Surprisingly, older customers 56 years and above would choose the online customer service over the other options.

All these channels have their advantages, making a choice might be influenced by convenience and the nature of the problem.

Customers would choose to use emails to communicate with the customer service department because of additional advantages like unlimited space to clearly explain the issues they are facing and the advantage of being able to include files and pictures as attachments to help the customer service team resolve the issues. Emails will leave a trail of correspondence which many customers find very useful for future references.

Speaking with the customer service staff is also an excellent way to clearly explain issues to the customer care representative. Phone calls are also used by the customer support team to follow up on customers who have just patronized the business. By speaking with them, any issues that might hinder the customer from getting maximum value from the service will be sorted out. It is important that the customer is satisfied with their purchase. A customer service system that involves a heavy use of phone calls will be beneficial to the business because calls can be made to clients all over the world, enabling real-time communication. For example international calls can be made easily with the use of NobelCom phone card.

Overall, the following five tips will strengthen the relationship between your business and the customers:

1. Create multiple channels through which your customers can interact with your brand

It might be a long shot trying to decide which channel of communication will be preferable for the customers so providing options is a good idea. Let the customers choose.

2. Provide self-help options as an alternative

Many of your customers would rather conduct a personal research to solve their issues. They will read through your FAQ pages, “how to do” videos and other self-help alternatives. It is a good idea to make this information available online and remember to update this information.

3. Include live online chat as an alternative

The live chat widgets are common features on popular websites now. Statistics show that they are also frequently used. Customers would rather chat with a customer service representative online than have to be placed on hold for several minutes while trying to call in.

4. Speed up your customer service response time

Customers are generally impatient. Your business can lose good customers if the customer service response time is very slow. A good tip here is to create a system that classifies different categories of complaints and then these should be sorted out be the customer service or related departments as quickly as possible.

5. Pay attention to what the customers are saying

Can we say that a majority of the big businesses overlook the feedback given by customers? Well, many customers think so and you shouldn’t allow your business to be one of those that ignore customer feedback. This information will help you avoid making recurrent mistakes. Customers also don’t appreciate being taken for granted; a customer that feels ignored will simply choose to go with your competition.


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