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Traditional and digital mix for better CX

1st Sep 2017
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 Customers generally grade their experiences with a brand based on their satisfaction with the brand. Successful businesses have one thing in common, a large number of satisfied customers who have had the very best experience with the service. Companies are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition by developing new strategies to enhance customer experience. This will increase conversion rates and create more loyal customers. The constant availability of a product alone cannot determine that your customers will always have a good experience but by ensuring that your customers have the confidence of getting value anytime they use your product will improve customer experience. Consumer demands are changing; this is due to several factors particularly the rapid evolvement of technology.

 The increasing and every changing demands of the customers has made it necessary for the companies to combine the use of both traditional and digital strategies to meet the needs of the customers both online and offline. Some companies like Hudson and Marshal successfully achieve high levels of customer relationship management (CRM) by the deploying both digital and traditional marketing strategies to meet the needs of the customers. The following benefits have been included in this article to show the effectiveness of combining both the traditional and digital methods in view of enhancing the consumer experience.

Maximizing the use of data collection to improve customer experience

 The current technology available to us has made it possible for the consumers to access the internet with various types of mobile devices. The wide spread use of mobile apps has made it even easier for companies to retrieve valuable customer information that is important in accurately making modifications on the products in line with the changing needs of the consumers. The huge volume of customer behavior data that can now be very easily gathered is also a good source of information for the companies to know the modifications they can make to enhance the features of mobile apps. Better mobile apps will improve the customers overall experience.

 Business expansion is another part of corporate decision making that is supported by the information retrieved from online interaction with the customers. At the moment, companies find it easier to identify the best locations they can open new offices to meet the growing needs of the customers. Even the mobile apps have been enhanced by the inclusion of value added services which increase customer experience. Customers now find it very convenient to place orders, make special delivery requests or plans to visit the physical shops once they have confirmed the availability of the products via the mobile app. This also reduces long waiting lines which can discourage your customers.

 Providing the customers with convenient options

 Enhancing customer experience can be simply achieved by making it easier for the customers to make their selection of the products they need to purchase from the displayed variety. But first, the value of your products must be at standards that will satisfy your customers. Businesses have also used strategies like sales to improve customer experience. This way, the business can drive traffic to their online shops where the sales are exclusively offered. The ease at which customers can quickly browse through product categories on their mobile devices also enhances customer experience. Overall, the digital and traditional methods of marketing have remarkable advantages that the companies have not relented in exploring.

Effective and Result Driven Customer interactions

 An effective CRM is almost impossible to achieve without sufficient data. Companies use many strategies to gather customer data. However, the maximum use of this information is only attainable when the companies combine both traditional and digital methods to improve Customer experience. The use of both systems makes it possible to propagate two distinctive messages to the target audience. This also prevents message the propagation of duplicate messages. The individual messages on both mediums carry unique information targeted at the customers.

 Combining the traditional and digital methods to improve the customer experience will also give your business leverage in accessing important customer feedback. The volume of feedback received is not surprising because of the two methods through which this information is sourced. Accessing feedback through various channels like this will also make it possible for the companies to forge stronger relationships with the customers. Both online and offline hence, it is easier to interact with the customers. This interaction will reveal what the customers actually want, knowing this is crucial to meeting their needs accurately.


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