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5 ideas for marketing automation email campaigns

5th Nov 2017
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If you've recently started using a new marketing automation platform (MAP) or you're considering the implementation of one soon, you might be in need of some ideas for how to use the software to its best advantage. This list of 5 ideas for B2B marketing automation email campaigns can help you maximize your investment in the software.

1. New customer welcome emails

The trigger for a new customer welcome email is simple. A new prospect signs up for your email list, and your MAP responds by sending an email that welcomes them. You can customize this type of email with the goal of deepening your prospect's engagement from this first encounter. The email can include introductory information and your sales team's contact information as well as a greeting, a warm welcome and whatever other information you think is important for new customers to be aware of.

2. Product research emails

You'll want to build trust with the prospective customers on your list who are at the top of the sales funnel. You can sometimes identify these customers when they visit informational or product pages on your website; include form submissions or download links on these pages to trigger your MAP to send these types of emails.

At this stage, it's beneficial to engage your prospective customers with product information presented in a variety of formats. Possibilities include downloadable white papers, e-books and checklists that give them helpful details about the products and services your company makes available. If your product offerings are complex, it might also be appropriate to send your contact an invitation to an explanatory webinar.

3. Lead nurturing emails

Perhaps your leads are familiar with your product offerings, but they still haven't made a purchase. At this stage of the funnel, it's time to nurture the leads with purchasing incentives. Case studies and customer testimonials can help to accomplish this goal.

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4. Sales funnel identification emails

When a new lead signs up for your emails, you might not have any idea how close this prospect is to making a purchase. The lead might be in product research phase, or s/he might be ready to interact with someone from your sales team.

Your marketing automation software has the capability to help you filter your leads to determine where in the sales funnel they should be segmented. To accomplish this, create a targeted email series encouraging your prospects to share their needs, problems and interests with your sales team. Ensure that the relevant members of your sales team monitor the engagement levels with each piece of content in the series.

5. Purchase reminder notifications

Many B2B purchases are fairly predictable because they happen on a set schedule. The trigger for these emails can be calendar based. The content for these emails could include links to items each customer purchased in the past as well as information about relevant new products. If you maintain a customer loyalty program, these emails offer you an excellent opportunity to remind customers about their options for available program rewards. You can also automate the sending of "we miss you" emails to dormant customers who have not purchased anything from you within a specified time frame.

What else do you need to know about automating your email campaigns using a marketing automation platform?

If you're already comfortable with using existing html email editor and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, there is no need to stop using them when you enable a MAP. Many MAPs allow easy integration of these capabilities. The sources of this information are Salesforce, Oncontact and Marketo, all of which are providers who have posted information about how to customize these sorts of integrations.

Integrating these platforms allows your MAP to access your CRM database, enabling improved pre-qualification of the leads that are delivered to your sales team. This results in better quality leads, better-targeted email campaigns and an increase in your return on your investment in both of these types of platforms.

What ways have you discovered for getting the best value out of your MAP? Please share your own ideas in the comments area below.

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