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Gone and forgotten: 10 reasons for eCart desertion

30th Jun 2017
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The majority of customers will not complete their shopping carts and will likely not return. This will lead to a large amount of revenue that is lost and will also most likely lead to customers who will never come back. Unfortunately, customers who abandoned their shopping carts rarely tell you why they will not be completing their purchases. There are 10 common reasons why they may be abandoning their shopping carts.

Saving For Later

Shopping cart abandonment is not always as dire as it seems. Some individuals who are abandoning their shopping carts are simply doing so to return to the shopping cart later. Unfortunately, they may later forget to purchase a product they originally intended to. To solve this problem:

  • Try to capture your customer's contact information
  • Consider implementing a wishlist function.

Sticker Shock

Customers may be surprised when they see how much the price increases when shipping, taxes and other factors are included. One option is to have these expenses included in the price already. Another option is to offer free shipping. Finally, you could include the shipping and taxes underneath the price.

Price Shopping

Some customers are not shocked by the price, but wonder if they can get a better deal elsewhere. If you are a smaller company, you may not be able to suffer the losses that are necessary to avoid this. However, you can prevent customers from leaving by:

  • Offering coupon codes
  • Providing special offers to customers about to abandon their shopping carts

You Did Not Offer The Right Payment Gateway

One of the reasons for shopping cart abandonment is the availability of payment options. It can be difficult to choose the right payment gateway. The right payment gateway will give your customers an adequate amount of flexibility and will also affect the perception of your business.

The Customer Has A Question About The Product

When putting the product in the shopping cart, your customer may realize that the product may not be the right choice and has a question. However, no one is available to answer that question. To solve this include:

  • Live chat
  • An email address to contact
  • A phone number

The Checkout Process Is Too Long

Customers want instant gratification. If the checkout takes too long, this will increase the risk that they will abandon the shopping cart. This can be solved by requiring as few steps as possible when checking out and by also breaking the steps into 30-second chunks. Customers feel impatient when they see a long form they must fill out.

Website Issues

Your website might be too slow or may even be down. Customers have very little patience for a dysfunctional website and will go to your competitor. Even worse is if the shopping cart doesn't work, bringing your sales to a complete halt. Website issues also make your company look much less professional. Make sure to use a reliable shopping cart software program.

A Distraction

Your customer may have been distracted and simply needed to step away. By making it easier to complete the purchasing process more quickly, this can be avoided.

Compulsory Sign-Ups

You should try to capture your customer's email. However, forcing your customer to provide one can drive him or her away.

Your customer may not understand how to checkout. Make sure the checkout process is as simple as possible. If all of these problems are solves, you will boost your conversion rates.

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