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Video Marketing Predictions for 2017

25th Apr 2017
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If someone mentioned online videos a few years ago you would automatically think of amusing cat clips on YouTube. It's grown a lot since then and some believe it's going to take over the internet. This is partly down to the ease in which companies can use the medium to make millions of dollars without spending much money.

After all, you only need basic camera equipment and decent software then you're ready to go. Video marketing might be huge at the moment, but it's nowhere near its peak. It's still easy to see some obvious trends emerging if you look close enough. We'll go over a few of the most intriguing ones today.

1. Video Marketing Strategies Will Be Huge

It would perhaps be fair to say videos have been a tactic companies have used to drive traffic to their products. They would create a quality video and publish it somewhere on the internet. There wasn't much more thought put into the marketing beyond that.

Now we're going to see entire marketing strategies built around videos and they'll come from the highest levels. It's the only possible thing you can do once you recognize how they're taking over the internet. Facebook videos are a good example to look at because of the growth.

Users were watching 100 million hours of content per day last year and the numbers are rising. It's only a single website, so when you consider all the other platforms it's a sure thing. It will mostly all be online because TV is too expensive.

2. Small Businesses Will Inspire Big Businesses

A few years ago you wouldn't expect to see small businesses wasting time creating beautiful videos. Not only would they be terribly expensive to shoot, but it would be hard to see any return on investment if you couldn't get it in front of a large audience.

Technology broke down a few barriers and small businesses suddenly found themselves with an opportunity to make videos extremely cheaply. Although they weren't expensive and fancy, it was very interesting to see they resonated with viewers.

Now you're going to see things swing in the opposite direction, which means large businesses will replicate the smaller ones. They'll shoot videos on affordable equipment with basic software and it will allow them to pump stuff out more frequently.

3. Triple the Uploads to Facebook Business Pages

The organic reach of Facebook has been destroyed in recent years, yet marketers are still posting videos on their business pages. It would be crazy not to when you can easily post videos on multiple platforms around the internet at the same time.

Facebook came out and said at least 3 million businesses posted a video to their page within the space of a month, which doesn't mean anything until you know it doubled in 6 months. It's hard to see why it's not going to triple by the end of the year.

Everyone seems to be promoting video marketing right now, so businesses that have never even thought about it will be jumping on board. People might focus a little more on YouTube too, because the recent boycott is driving hobbyists away and there is less competition.

4. Video Marketing Skills Will Get You the Job

When something new appears on the screen it will create a huge number of jobs. Can you really forget the emergence of social media consultants a while ago? Even positions for growth hackers opened up thanks to stories like how Airbnb ended up so big.

The same kind of thing will happen with videos too, but companies won't need you to shoot them. It's possible they'll need good video editors, but when all is said and done it won't matter unless potential customers will see the new videos they create.

It's why we'll see the rise of the video marketers with the power to actually share the amazing content. If you're wondering why it's a tough skill to master just know 74 percent of content on the web is supposedly going to be videos this year, so there will be lots of competition to beat.

Can You See These Predictions Coming True?

If you know anything about video marketing it's hard to argue that these predictions won't come true. Whether or not it happens by the end of the year is another matter altogether. Can you personally see these coming true in the months ahead?


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